MARILYN MANSON Cites 'The Flu' As Reason For Toronto Concert Cancelation Sunday July 29 2018, 12:22 PM
 MARILYN MANSON Cites 'The Flu' As Reason For Toronto Concert Cancelation

Marilyn Manson has cited "the flu" as the reason he was unable to perform in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thursday night (July 26). According to a message on the shock-rocker's official Twitter account, " Manson is recovering and is set to perform at all scheduled dates starting tomorrow at Heavy Montreal ."

After Manson abruptly canceled his Toronto show, a fan-filmed video surfaced on Twitter showing the crowd's reaction to the announcement, which was a mixture of boos and yells in disgust. As the clip shows, Manson 's stage backdrops were already hung in anticipation of the scheduled performance.

The show was part of the Marilyn 's "Twins Of Evil: The Second Coming" tour with Rob Zombie , which kicked off earlier in the month.

Marilyn is on the road supporting his latest album, "Heaven Upside Down" , which was released last October.

The singer injured his lower leg in a freak accident on stage during a concert last fall in New York City, resulting in the postponement of nine tour dates.

A short time later, longtime Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez (real name Jeordie White ) was fired from the group following allegations of sexual assault.

Manson returned to touring last November.

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