Italian Thrashers URAL release new video for "Nightmare" Wednesday September 6 2023, 2:29 PM
Italian Thrashers URAL release new video for "Nightmare"

The Italian thrash outfit URAL has rolled out a brand-new visualizer for their track "Nightmare." This serves as the second teaser off their soon-to-come third studio album, "Psychoverse." Set for an October 10th release through Xtreem Music, fans can expect to enjoy the album on both CD and digital platforms.

Dive into the intensity of "Nightmare" here: Watch the "Nightmare" Video

Originating in 2010, URAL has been a force within the Crossover/Old school Thrash Metal scene of Italy. Their journey began with a self-titled demo in 2011, leading up to the "Wasteland" EP in 2013. Their discography boasts two full-length albums: "Party With the Wolves" (2016) and "Just for Fun" (2019). 2022 witnessed the release of their "Cyber Requiem" EP, a project refined at the Mk2 Recording Studio in Ivrea with Davide "BrutalDave" Billia steering the ship. The EP was brought to visual life with cover artwork from the famed Luca SoloMacello.

Fast forward to early summer 2023, after dedicated studio hours, URAL wrapped up "Psychoverse." The album, consistent with their past work, was shaped at the same studio with the same artistic hands for its visual representation. This consistency and the robustness of the album fostered a partnership with Xtreem Music, ensuring the album gets a global audience.

Channeling the spirit of Bay Area's '80s thrash vibe, URAL's sound has the intensity of Voivod-inspired guitar segments and is infused with a Crossover essence. They ride the current wave of Old School Thrash Metal with gusto and have carved a niche for themselves, confidently standing alongside the likes of Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, and Powertrip.

Metalheads, gear up for a wild ride and remember to "party with the wolves!"

"Psychoverse" Tracklist:

    Drag me to the Wolves
    Blood Red Sand
    Fall of the One World
    Uncanny Valley
    Carousel of Hell
    66.6 F.M.

"Psychoverse" will be available on the 10th of October 2023 via Xtreem Music on CD and Digital formats. To stay updated, follow URAL on their official Facebook: URAL's Facebook and enjoy the first taste of the album here: Listen to the 1st Advance Single

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