KROMHEIM - Journey To Divinity - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine! Tuesday May 9 2023, 6:15 PM
KROMHEIM - Journey To Divinity - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine!

KROMHEIM - Journey To Divinity - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

Almost every song on this CD comes with a killer riff that makes it hard for me to keep my neck still as I compose these lines while listening to the music. Each of the eight tracks is incredibly powerful, supported by excellent drum work that is perfectly matched to the guitar hooks. Nevertheless, melodies are not neglected. In addition, there are choruses that go straight into your ear and don't leave it so quickly. KROMHEIM music just begs to be performed live because of the energy it contains. I'll give you "Sword And Soul" (the ultimate riff thunderstorm) and "Final Arrow" (gorgeously grooving fun song) as a check-out tip. Nevertheless, all pieces are absolutely equal, which is why I can't say anything negative about this album. awesome album! metal-division-magazine

Release Date: 17th of February 2023

FFO: Amon Amarth, Insomnium, Hypocrisy

Location: London, UK

Short Bio: Kromheim is a three-piece melodic death metal band based in London, United Kingdom - established in 2020, it originally was a solo project from Warsaw, Poland. Kromheim draws its influences mostly from Scandinavian bands such as Hypocrisy, Insomnium, Amon Amarth or Dark Tranquillity. While the project's style is heavily rooted in the Gothenburg sound, one of the main aims was to bring back more 'death' to this 'melodic death metal' sound. The lyrical themes are mostly centred around Norse/Viking culture. On the 17th of February 2023 Kromheim will release their first LP entitled 'Journey To Divinity' and it will feature 8 songs.

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