Hamvak - Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations - Reviewed By allaroundmetal! Thursday March 9 2023, 5:58 PM
Hamvak - Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations - Reviewed By allaroundmetal!

Hamvak - Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations - Reviewed By allaroundmetal ! Check it out here at this link: https://allaroundmetal.com/component/content/article/26-releases/10162-atmosfere-mortifere,-visioni-apocalittiche-il-tutto-racchiuso-nel-primo-album-degli-hamvak

Reading what has been done so far, one might think of Hamvak as a relatively new reality with little experience: a homonymous demo in 2017 and this first full-length entitled "Maelstrom of Abhorrent Incantations", released last December on Morbid Chapel Records. But there is much more in the past than this one man band, a creature born from the mind of Hungarian multi-instrumentalist Dávid Vadkerti-Tóth: in fact, from 2006 to 2015 Hamvak were called Solus, moniker with which Dávid released a fair number of demos and split, as well as an album, "Solus", in 2015. Change of country (from Hungary to Germany, more precisely to Stuttgart), change of name and above all change of genre: from Black Metal/Ambient by Solus to a decidedly more powerful, dark and ferocious Black/Death with Hamvak. This is in fact the proposal of the Hungarian-Teutonic act, a sound with chaotic and apocalyptic atmospheres in which, however, a certain taste for melodies with a decidedly evil afflatus is not lacking. Sounds in which influences from different schools of thought converge, from Incantation (primary references of the more markedly Death Metal patterns), passing through a vein as dark as experimental à la Portal, Altarage, Abyssal, up to a Black/Death of primordial violence and very direct (Grave Miasma, Bølzer, but we shouldn't forget Teitanblood or Tetragrammacide either). What is certain, however, is that in the six tracks (four of which are also of considerable duration) that make up "Maelstrom of Abhorrent Incantations", Hamvak practically do not allow the listener a breather, submerging him with a tsunami of riffs that are excellently accompanied by a telluric and extremely precise rhythmic section, whether it's excruciating blast beats or more classic and 'groovy' moments (see the final part of "Impetuous Warfare"). Ok, it can be attributed to ours that what we can listen to here doesn't really shine for originality and that it doesn't deviate from what has already been done by other more experienced and, in some cases, iconic bands... but also who cares: if you love certain sounds, you will have a certain satisfaction in listening to pieces like "Storming Abhorrent Forces", the single "Savage Blasphemous Incantation" and the long and haunting closing track "The Glorious Return of Death". Dávid Vadkerti-Tóth knows very well what he wants to do with his Hamvaks and this "Maelstrom of Abhorrent Incantations" is the full demonstration of it: it will certainly not be a masterpiece, but a record whose listening will not leave indifferent, the sure one. allaroundmetal

Release Date: December 15th 2022 (CD via Morbid Chapel Records and Rotten Tomb Records)

For fans of: Incantation, Portal, Abyssal

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Hamvak was founded in 2015 by Dávid Vadkerti-Tóth (aka D) as a continuation of Solus, a former atmospheric Black Metal project. The new era dives deeper into the ancestral legends, superstitions  and history as well as of the darker side of the heathen cosmology, rituals and sorcery. The name change gave rise to more harsh, ferocious sound as well which is even darker, heavier, more dissonant than the previous musical entity was.
As a manifestation of the new sonic visions, the first  demo was released in 2017. It contains three devastating hymns to invoke and represent the elder spirits of the primordial pantheon.
In 2022 Hamvak rises from the pitch-black abysmal dimensions to invoke storming abhorrent forces with the first full-length album entitled, ”Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations”. It contains six ferocious songs in almost forty minutes. With this album, Hamvak developed its sound further in order to create a darker and more disturbing atmosphere thus becoming a more ambitious and obscure Death Metal entity.

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Dávid Vadkerti-Tóth – all instruments & vocals
Guest musicians:
Patrik Pusztai (Evil Conqueror, Earth Plague, Archum, Ghoul Temple, Carnal Desolation) – performed guest vocals on ”Arrows Of Vengeance”
Tibor Hanyi (Cryptworm, Coffinborn, Rothadás, Tyrant Goatgaldrakona) – written and performed guest guitar lead on ”Savage Blasphemous Incantation”
Grafit és Hamu


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