Postcards from New Zealand sign to Mandrone Records and announce new album "City Islands" Wednesday May 26 2021, 5:34 AM
Postcards from New Zealand sign to Mandrone Records and announce new album "City Islands"

Faceless outfit,  postcards from new zealand  (all lowercase please) sign to Mandrone Records with their new album  ‘city islands’  releasing on the  2nd of July 2021 . Exploring beyond the limits of genre boundaries and creating vast, intense soundscapes is a huge part of their identity. Their sound ranges from the heavy hitting hardcore through to progressive electronics. Since forming in 2008, postcards from new zealand have released 21 full lengths and an EP through Bandcamp.

Listen to the pfnz Sampler via Mandrone Records:

Statement from Dan of Mandrone Records:

“After noticing that they released physically just one album, I approached them via bandcamp asking if they had unreleased material. They sent a shared google drive with the album  ‘city   islands’ , which is the chapter three of  we watch them devour’ , one of their sagas. I absorbed this record from the first listen, captured by the blends of soundscapes, distorted guitars and drumming in which I’ve found echoes of King Crimson and cinematic music. This is the exact reaction that clicks things in  Mandrone Records .

I asked if they were interested in releasing the album through the label. Their reply was like:
Yes. Mandrone Records can physically release ' city islands' .
Few rules

  • In a limited quantity.
  • The band name is always lowercase   postcards from new zealand’.
  • Album name is lowercase too:   city islands’.
  • Don't expect to get special treatment - you'll never get any member information, no names, no faces, no places.”

This increased my interest in them. I wanted them. I sent the contact to a PO Box, they replied with an NDA which I had to sign and send back. Now that everything is settled, I’m really excited to share the news and welcome  postcards from new zealand  in  Mandrone Records ’ roster and to release their awesome  city islands’  in Digipack and Musicassette. Limited quantities. I'm pretty sure listeners will love them, especially the ones not afraid to listen to something different than  the usual.”

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