How do UV bongs function? Read our in-depth analysis to learn more about UV bongs. Monday November 28 2022, 2:52 PM
How do UV bongs function? Read our in-depth analysis to learn more about UV bongs.

Uv Bong

As far as pastimes go in social gatherings, getting high fast and hard with bong rips is still a favorite for many. Bongs offer seamless and cool hits instead of smoking a joint and dragging the hot, dry herb into your lungs. And as fun joints are, they have limited designs compared to bongs that come in different shapes, features, and sizes. 

Though many prefer joints for their portability, the features and effects of bongs cripple a joint's magnetism. Imagine how cool it is to pass around a glow-in-the-dark bong while chilling with your friends at a party in the dark. The prospect is exciting and would add a new vibe to the party, which your guest will appreciate.

Additionally, glow-in-the-dark bongs are not limited in design, and they come in mini bongs, beaker bongs, percolator bongs, etc., to fit every smoking style and desire. This article will discuss the UV bong and its usage. 

How Does a UV Bong Glow?

UV Bongs have phosphorescent glass materials that aid their glow-in-the-dark capabilities. Glassblowers add phosphorescence to bongs in various shapes, patterns, and adornments, depending on their skill and creativity. Furthermore, a bong's glow intensity will vary based on how much light-absorbing material it contains.

For the bong to glow when it's dark, it has to be exposed to natural light to charge. The longer the exposure, the brighter and stronger the glow will be. You can use artificial light to charge the bongs, but it needs to charge for a long time to sustain the glow. 

Usually, UV bongs glow a shiny neon green or blue color in the dark, which is visually stimulating and satisfying. If you're using artificial light, turn the bong around to expose the UV to light or place lights on the opposite side for equal charging. On another note, the bong will lose its glow as it expends energy but will regain the glow again once it's recharged under UV light.

Are UV Bongs Toxic?

You do not have to worry about poisonous gas being released into the air if, for example, the bong breaks. UV bongs are safe to have around, smoke from, touch, or clean. One of the ways manufacturers derive phosphorescent is through silver-activated zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate.

These materials are used in all sorts of glow-in-the-dark products, including makeup, children's toys, and glow sticks. As an added safety measure, the inside of the bong is exempt from UV paint. However, studies show that using bong and marijuana can result in life‐threatening pneumonia and lung infection. 

So, moderation is key. Try to limit your consumption as much as possible and always change the bong water and do not drink it. The water is unsafe for drinking because as you drag smoke from the bong, the water filters and traps ash and tar particles in the liquid. 

The bong water filtration mechanism explains why the water stinks and changes color, making it unhealthy for consumption. If the water is extremely clear, use an ash catcher for purification. However, drinking water used as a filtration medium is something you should never consider, even if it is clear.

How Do You Use Glow in the Dark Bong?

Glow-Glow-in-the-dark bongs need exposure to light for about 3 to 6 hours. The glow duration depends on the glass used for the UV bong.

Glass blown with borosilicate glass and phosphor dust glows brighter and longer when exposed to natural sunlight than artificial light. After charging the bong, fill it with water and pack your bowl with the herb. Position the bong in your desired location and ensure your lighter is handy before turning off your light. You do not want to grope in the dark for it. Turn on your backlight, then proceed to puff. 

UV Bong VS LED Powered Bong

How do LED Bongs Work?

Unlike UV bongs, LED-powered bongs run on batteries and display as much glow power as UV bongs. It has different sequences of lights that create the illusion that the lights are dancing or flashing. You can control the bong's lighting effects, displays, pulsating, and flashing modes with a remote or smartphone. However, LED-powered bongs require battery changes now and then. 

The difference between UV and LED bongs is minute. They both function well and will last a long time, depending on how you handle them. Their source of power is the only point of contention. Nevertheless, it depends on your preference and your budget.  The material used to make the bong determines whether it will glow continuously over its lifetime. 

Painted UV bongs last upto 12 hours but tend to lose some glow when scratched. However, blacklight-painted bongs will glow as long as they are under a black light. On the other hand, LED-powered bongs do not need charging after use, and function with very little energy, making them last a long time. 

Are You UV Bongs Legal?

Bongs, in general, have complicated laws depending on their usage. The government cites bongs as illegal, mapping them as paraphernalia because of their use in smoking marijuana. So, if you have a bong on you, UV or otherwise, and it has drug residue, you may face drug paraphernalia charges.

Notwithstanding, the law permits the use of bongs for tobacco consumption. And this is the ground with which headshops and individuals get away with bong possession and usage. However, it all boils down to the city you're in and its law on marijuana. Some states legalize its consumption and possession, and some do not.

Factors To Consider When Buying UV Bong

The market for UV bongs is vast, with a plethora of offerings. It spoils one for choices, drawing out the processes of choosing one. And although any bong you decide on can do the job effectively, the idea of bongs is not just their effectiveness. Other key factors come into consideration to heighten one's experience. So here are some key areas to consider before purchasing a UV bong. 

Charging Source

You must decide which works best for you between UV and LED-powered bongs. They are both very efficient, but if you do not have the patience to seek and change batteries all the time, then you can discard the LED-powered bong. However, before doing that, check out other features the LED bong has to ensure it's not something that speaks to you. 

Get a different light source if your glow-in-the-dark bong isn't glowing. Sometimes, depending on the quality of the luminous material, some need intense light to recharge.


Determine if the bong is for one-time use and, therefore, expendable or something you want to keep around after your party. Making this determination is important and is determined by you and the people you party with. People differ, and your guest might drop the bong and break it while high. So, if you want something else, check for UV bongs that won't hurt to lose. 


Another factor to consider is the type of UV bong you want between black light painted or glass blown with borosilicate glass and phosphor dust. They both have different purposes, with one needing more attention than the other. If you wish to simply turn on your backlight to activate your glow bong, then go for the black light-painted bong.


There are various bongs on the market with different production, quality, and prices. Having a budget helps put things into perspective without going overboard with your shopping. The more features a bong has, the higher the chances of the price been steep. Luckily, you can spend little to own a bong. Many UV bongs will offer you great experiences with nice features that are more affordable. 

Weight and Height

The weight of the bong is important if you wish to pass it around easily at your party. Go for the mini bong, and If it's too small for what you have in mind, there are other bongs with manageable weight to choose from. Also, consider the bong's shelf space and general height to ensure you do not purchase a bong that will crowd your area and look out of place. 


Another thing to consider is other features the bong has other than the glow. If you desire a UV bong with ultimate filtration and diffusion, you can go for the percolator bong. Or, if you want to experience colder hits, you can go for the ice catcher bong. It has indents in its chamber neck that enables such a feature. 


UV bongs help liven parties and chill-out spots with their glow-in-dark quality. They are visually pleasing and enhance the high experience. Additionally, they are easy to clean, depending on the material and style of the bong. However, regardless of the style, bongs ought to be cleaned regularly for the best performance and taste. 

If you like to collect visually pleasing bongs, you will likely love the designs of glow-in-the-dark bongs. 

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