Pantera Would Have Reunited By Now Says Rita In New Interview Sunday October 29 2017, 12:37 AM
Pantera Would Have Reunited By Now Says Rita In New Interview

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott 's longtime girlfriend   Rita Haney   was recently interviewed by the   "Talk Toomey"   podcast about a number of topics, including   "Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over" , the upcoming DVD/CD set featuring video footage of the late   PANTERA   and   DAMAGEPLAN   guitarist captured between the mid-'80s and his later years. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by   BLABBERMOUTH.NET ).

On her comment in the   VH1 "Behind the Music"   episode about   PANTERA   where she said that she told former   PANTERA   singer   Philip Anselmo   that she would blow his face off if he showed up at   Dimebag 's memorial or funeral:

Rita : "It's weird about the way that was kind of taken a little out of context. Basically, when [ Philip ] had called, he was talking about coming over to mine and   Darrell 's house right then at that moment. And   Vinnie 's [ Paul Abbott ,   Dimebag 's brother and former   PANTERA   drummer] plane had just landed and he was coming from the airport to the house from Ohio [where he had just witnessed his brother getting killed]. And what I had said was, 'No. If you show up here…' Well, he had said something really crappy to me on the phone and you could tell that he was in a fog, he totally was on drugs, he was not the   Philip   I know. And when he said to me, 'Right things happen to right people,' and I was, like, 'What did you say?' And he said that to me again. And that's when I said, 'If you show up here, I'll blow your head off myself.' And I was referring to my home. But, you know, they put it in there and made it sound like I said that about him coming to   Darrell 's funeral, and that's really not where that was taken from. Because   Vinnie   made that decision [to not invite   Philip   to   Darrell 's funeral], and I respected that decision. [ Vinnie ] couldn't be in that room with [ Philip ] at that time, and I understood that; I didn't want to either. But, yeah, what I had to say and what they used in there was referring to him coming to our home. So… just to clear that up.

"As far as   Philip   and I go, a lot of times… there were things that were, I guess… blame that was laid on him that wasn't his burden to carry. I still have resentments and we don't agree on the way some things went. But I know now when I look in his eyes, it's the   Philip   I know; it's not the drug-induced and in some kind of weird heroin haze, or whatever you wanna call it... I don't know. I'm not so familiar with that, because it wasn't part of my world — you know what I mean? — as far as I never tried the drugs, so I couldn't tell you what it does to you. But I saw what it did to him, and it made him a completely different person. So those two people are like two different people to me. But as far as I know how much he loves   Darrell   — yes. And, like I said, at the end of the day, we are all still family. But I still have some resentments and some things that I know he did that really hurt   Darrell , but that's between them. But I also know that the reason   Darrell   was hurt so bad was because of how much he loved   Philip . You can't feel that kind of pain unless someone really matters to you, and   Philip   matters. So… I just know. I've been in that hot seat with   Darrell . I know his father,   Vinnie   has… And [ Darrell   is] just one of those people — he gets to the bottom of it; he resolves it, he doesn't let stuff go when someone matters. And I've been forgiven. His father has. I just know that he would stand on stage next to [ Philip   again]. I know   Darrell . [He was] the most forgiving person I've ever met."

On whether a   PANTERA   reunion would have happened by now had   Dimebag   not been taken from us:

Rita : "Oh, yeah! I totally think so. I mean, [ Darrell ] had already made the effort to get on the phone with   Rex   [ Brown , ex- PANTERA   bassist] on his birthday, on August 20th, in 2004, and had made plans to speak with him again. So, yeah, definitely. Because I know how, in his heart, he was   PANTERA   — he always would be. No matter what it was called —   DAMAGEPLAN   or what — that was always what was inside of him. And I know the things that he was feeling when he came home. He felt he had something to prove. He didn't wanna do those things with [ DAMAGEPLAN   frontman]   Pat Lachman .   Pat   had already been causing issues and there were problems. I have several voice messages from [ Darrell ] that I still have of things that he left and was telling me about the things   Pat   was doing out there. And he was, like, 'Man, I don't wanna work with this dude. I wanna fire him. I just don't want people to think we're difficult to work with.' I mean, that's just how he felt. So, yeah, I definitely believe that they would be standing on stage together."

On issues   DAMAGEPLAN   was having with   Patrick Lachman   prior to   Dimebag 's death:

Rita : "When [ Pat ] first came into the picture, we were all talking on the back porch, and him saying he wanted to be part of the band. And I know   Darrell   told him then, he goes, 'Well, dude, I've got the guitars handled.' And he's, like, 'No, no, no. I wanna audition. I wanna sing.' And   Darrell   was, like, 'Well, okay. Shit, maybe since you're coming from the guitar-player angle, you won't have LSD [Lead Singer's Disease].' [ Laughs ] I mean, that was a big thing. But, you know, there was just a lot to [ Pat ] that what you saw at first was not what was hidden under the exterior. He had spoke several things to us about… He had played [guitar] in   HALFORD   and he talked about how he had gotten ripped off there and didn't get paid his money and this and that, and we just thought, 'Well, that kind of sucks.' But then he turned around and tried to do the same thing about   DAMAGEPLAN . So that's just that same old repetitive whining… I don't know. But it wasn't true. And it wasn't true, I guess, in the case of   HALFORD   either. But   Darrell   told him coming in, 'We play the   PANTERA   songs. Our fans wanna hear that. We're not gonna let 'em down, and that's part of it. And you may feel it. We're giving you everything we can and putting you right up here, but you're gonna get comparisons to   Philip   and so forth, but you stick it out, man, [and] you'll make a name yourself.' I mean, it wasn't like he wasn't already known for his playing and stuff. But he was given a really killer opportunity, and then he just got, 'I don't wanna play these songs anymore,' and, 'I'm not gonna do this.' And it's, like, 'Dude, you can't be like that. You knew coming in this was part of it.' But, you know, it was kind of a blessing in disguise, though. Because of him being so honorary there at the end,   Darrell   had dropped three tunes in [ Pat 's] mailbox for him to write lyrics to, and [ Pat ] kept not doing it and just kind of being a tool about it. And so since he didn't write anything on it, they still lie there. And it's, like, me personally, as a fan, would love to see   Philip   and   Rex   on those. And so maybe one day   Vinnie   will be open for that… I would love it. I know just going back,   Darrell   wrote a lot of notes and handwritten things and ideas and put things down on tape. And that's something that he touches on — about always being   PANTERA   and wanting to come out really strong. And I just think… In his heart, I think it'd be nice for the fans to have those last few songs be what I know he was in his heart."

On whether she foresees a day when   Vinnie   and   Philip   will be on speaking terms again:

Rita : "You can never tell about   Vinnie . Yeah, nothing would surprise me, I guess, is how I wanna say that. 'Cause there's been periods of time where he and I have gone and not spoke, and he surprises me. So he's opened up a lot to things. I don't wanna say maybe he's thawed out a little bit. But time does heal sometimes. But I don't know… I wouldn't not like to say… Well, shit… I'm tongue-tied. [ Laughs ] It's hard to answer for someone else. Me as a fan looking at it, I would love to see those guys hop up on stage and belt a few tunes out together — just paying homage to their fallen brother. But as far as — I don't know — anything else, like I said, there's always going to be resentments of stuff that was really hurtful. And I don't think you get past those, you just move on from those. So… never say never.   Vinnie   can be surprising."

On a much-talked-about hypothetical   PANTERA   "reunion" featuring   Zakk Wylde   ( BLACK LABEL SOCIETY ,   OZZY OSBOURNE ) filling in for   Dimebag   on guitar:

Rita : "Those four dudes that are   PANTERA   were brothers, you know. And me… I don't think you can call something   PANTERA   without any one of them being present. It took all four of them to create the magic and chaos that way. And I feel the respect factor for   Dime   plays a big part in. And, like I said, don't get me wrong — I'd love to see 'em jump up and belt out a few tunes, especially with some of   Dime 's friends, but I don't think you could put that burden on one player; it's too heavy and too emotional, I know, even for   Zakk . But, you know, it'd be great to see   Z   do a couple of tunes,   Kerry King   [ SLAYER ] do a couple of tunes… Hell, throw   Phil Demmel   [ MACHINE HEAD ] up there too — he's a badass. I understand, like I said, maybe paying homage or paying tribute to   Dime , but I don't ever see something being called   PANTERA . I think it'd be too heavy emotionally for any three of those guys — from   Rex   to   Philip   to   Vinnie , especially — to look over there, stage left, and not see him standing there. I mean, I think it's pretty tough that they… even still for them today, moving on and playing in the bands that they play. So… yeah. I don't know about that."

"Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over"   will be released on November 24 via   Metal Blade Records . Pre-orders are available at   this location . The DVD/CD set — which will include more raw footage, true gems and classic   Dimebag   moments — will also contain five previously unreleased demos, picked from a vast catalog   Dimebag   accrued since   Haney   gave him his first four-track in 1984.


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THE BEAST i have always said this too if dime was still alive they would have mended by now and we would have many more bad ass pantera records to enjoy its just such a sad loss but i will say they need to release the 4th watch it go pantera dvd those were my fav and i bet many fans would love to see it
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THE BEAST listening to the full interview now and she says they are planning on releasing the 4th pantera home video
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