Aeveris - White Elephant - Reviewed By Powermetal! Tuesday November 22 2022, 3:14 PM
Aeveris - White Elephant - Reviewed By Powermetal!

Aeveris - White Elephant - Reviewed By Powermetal ! Check it out here at this link:,39743.html

AEVERIS is a young band from our neighboring country Belgium, which was only founded last year, but with "White Elephant" they have already presented us with a ten-track long player these days. The musicians themselves are anything but beginners and are or have been in various more or less big metal bands in their home country. The material of the debut, which is released into the world completely on its own, sounds correspondingly clarified and professional.

Musically, the five-piece is settled in a modern interpretation of Melodic Death Metal, which also lets strong Metalcore allusions shine through. The references that the Belgians themselves see in LAMB OF GOD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE or TRIVIUM aren't wrong at all, because the opener 'Scepter' is a real breaker, ranging from powerful riffs and hoarse growls to a catchy chorus with clear vocals has everything to offer that modern metal music needs. I particularly like the work of the two guitarists Dennis Wyffels and Jeffrey Behiels, who quickly won my heart with their dual leads in the style of IRON MAIDEN.

The following title track then gets much heavier, but scores with me as well with a subtle Nu-Metal touch, whereby I have to admit that the partly crooked vocals needed a bit of getting used to. The clear vocals remain the biggest "weak point" of the band, because while all the other instruments thunder out of the speakers with perfect craftsmanship, the hooks aren't always completely convincing and gripping. But the whole thing is ironed out by a really great hand for compact songwriting, which runs like a red thread through the entire record and ensures that the listener is thoroughly entertained throughout. The sound embedding of massive wrecking balls like 'Stillborn' or 'Shapeless' is also very well done, even if the limiter is scratched a bit too much for me personally. I always prefer it when the volume of the sound gets some air to breathe. On the other hand, the Belgians just follow the prevailing genre trend and deliver a record that, despite being self-produced, doesn't have to hide from any of the genre's greats.

Why then in the end only 7.5 points when I don't really have anything to complain about apart from the clear vocals? Well, despite good and compact songwriting, "White Elephant" is missing that one big song that grabs you on the first listen and makes you want to play the record again and again. Sure, you don't write a song like that every day, but given the potential, I'm not worried that AEVERIS will succeed in this feat on one of the upcoming records. - Powermetal

Release Date: October 29, 2022

FFO: Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, At The Gates, Trivium

Location: Belgium

Separated from the soul, the heart that used to beat. We meet ourselves in mediocrity! Aeveris is a five-piece Belgian metal band that saw first light in 2021. Consisting of members of Fields Of Troy , Thorium, Lethal Injury, Always Fallen and Horizons , these five gentlemen joined forces and combined melodic riffing, technical drumbeats and diverse singing techniques to create something pounding and heavy, yet catchy from the first spin. Influenced by bands like Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot , At The Gates and Trivium!

Aeveris makes a ferocious leap to grab you in its claws and hang on until you’re raw.

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Guitars: Jeffrey Behiels
Vocals: Louis Soenens
Guitars: Dennis Wyffels
Bass: Pieter Nyckees
Drums: Louis Van der Linden

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