Entre el campo de batalla by Orgullo Nativo Saturday July 14 2018, 8:07 PM
 Entre el campo de batalla by Orgullo Nativo

ORGULLO NATIVO was brought forth as a one-man project in July 2011 by Cesar Urrego (Desertor Infernal). Later, it became a full-fledged thrash metal band after the arrival of the drummer Dairo Rodriguez (Root) and the bassist Felipe Guerrero (Infernus). With this original line-up, O.N. starts riding the hard route of metal journey, always filled up with passion. O.N. ridicules our life system which is contaminated by the bad rulers, religions, trends, and all discarded matters.

In 2014, they released the debut EP under the tittle “Filosofia de un demente” , it was welcomed by the local listeners from their hometown Bogotá and its surroundings. This EP opened doors for the band to play with well-known national and international bands.

2016 saw the release of their first full-length, under the homonym of the first EP “Filosofía de un demente” . This conceptual album reflects the insanity and hatred conceived by a person against the corrupted system. It is the radiograph of the life of general Colombian people, stuck under an oppressive and virtually invented system.

In 2017 ORGULLO NATIVO launched their second full-length “Entre el campo de batalla” which talks about the inner war to be free and to not depend on anything that belongs to our reality. It is an explosion of mental violence in which the band wants to corrode and execute “the demented philosophy”. This album has a tremendous raw approach evoked by the band’s thoughts.

The tape version has already been sold-out. Morbid Skull Records re-issues the CD version of “Entre el campo de batalla” (limited to 500 copies), that includes two bonus tracks, on May 05, 2018. Die hard edition of the album is limited to 50 copies, comes with Patch, Signed Promo Card and Blood Inked Hand Numbered Certificate.
The Band states : “Orgullo Nativo is a project of insane metal that aims to spit on reality. It is the direct evil from our thoughts and from our beliefs. Blasphemous metal that stands from the fact that singularity is the most important thing, with no gods, no government, and without anything that could affect the supreme individuality.”

Javier Gonzalez – Olko (Bass and Chorus)
Dairo Rodriguez – Root (Drums)
Cesar Urrego – Desertor Infernal (Guitars and Vocals)


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