AVNKALD - "The Pagan Resistance" - Pagan black metal FFO Enslaved, Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh, Primordial Sunday July 4 2021, 1:45 PM
AVNKALD - "The Pagan Resistance" - Pagan black metal FFO Enslaved, Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh, Primordial

On August 13th, BlackHeavens Music is proud to present the European edition of RAVNKALD's striking new album "The Pagan Resistance" on CD format.

A cult institution among the black and pagan metal scene, the international project RAVNKALD stay away from the spotlight, but let their music do the talking.

"The Pagan Resistance" consolidates the same strengths as its predecessors, however, the development of dynamics and texture are more pronounced across this equally epic journey, once again offering a pool of radiance 46 minutes in length.

The lyric video of the title track is now available HERE.

The idea of giving life to this internartional project appeared in 2011, when Fauk (Hordagaard) and Marganor (Ereshkigal, Forest of Doom and Black Empire) talked about the possibility of playing together in the same band, leaving aside the borders and thousands of kilometers that separated them (Norway and Mexico). Thus, that same year the name RAVNKALD (Raven that lives in the snow) arose and the logo was created, as well as the first songs that would be included in their first record production.

Without any prior demo in 2012 they boasted with the release of “Solsnudag”, their debut album. Musically speaking, it’s been defined as a huge album. They mixed the speed of black metal and the dynamism of pagan metal, to offer a creative, fresh album that grabs from the first listen. Big praise was given to the voice of Anxietous Nero (USA), considered one of the best black metal voices in the warfield. The CD version was released by Azermedoth Records. The success of the album allowed for its re-release in several formats: it was released twice in tape format by two European labels: Metal Throne Productions from Greece and Werewolf Promotion from Poland. To this day, it is still considered one of the most appreciated albums by fans.

After a great feedback from the underground to their debut album, in 2015 they returned with a new sonic assault, this time it was a threeway split with two more excellent bands: Gjallarhorn from Ukraine and Fjörd from Canada. This pagan trilogy was released in cooperation with Azermedoth Records and Wolftyr Records. This new work made the band gain more followers around the world. This time Domos Aidaou, a Colombian composer known for his work with Naxac and Solemne Mortis, took charge of a large part of the compositions. Voice and lyrics were provided by Paul Guhring, manager of Wolftyr Records and leader of the band Grafvolluth.

Indomitable, the pagan forces of RAVNKALD returned in 2016, this time as a duo, with another full length album, entitled "Ancestral Steel." The music was written by a virtuoso Venezuelan musician named Count Kriegmoon. The hymns created by this South American demon deserve special mention with themes full of glory, ancient mysticism and pagan memories worthy of being remembered.

That same year the band released "Pure Pagan Blood" thanks to the cooperation of Azermedoth Records (Mexico) and Werewolf Promotion (Poland). The reaction to this record was fantastic, presumably due to its music, full of choirs, acoustics and pagan atmospheres, without neglecting the aggressiveness of black metal. This time the guest of honor was Bornyhake Ormenos (Ormenos, Borgne, Enoid, Kawir, etc.) With this album RAVNKALD's name became bigger by increasing their fanbase especially in Europe. RAVNKALD's warship started to become unstoppable. Frontcover artwork created by Dave Jobin of Triskele.

In 2018 they released “Ecos Paganos”, their latest production, this time under the Mexican label Old Records. Its booklet deserves a special mention for the quality of printing and finishes. Musically, the band went forward on its same path, more pagan than ever. According to press reviews, the record, with its continuos changes of atmospheres, never sounds boring or monotonous. Two new members were summoned for this work: Agöth Sterpe (Ereshkigal) and Dagon (Heathen Deity from UK).

It’s 2021 and RAVNKALD return with their new opus called “The Pagan Resistance”, which shows a more mature side. The new vocalist of the band is Martyr Lucifer, from the Italian acts Hortus Animae and Martyr Lucifer and the international project Space Mirrors. "The Pagan Resistance" was released by the Mexican label Sun Empire Prods. Without a doubt the fresh sound of this album will be a great leap in their career and delight all the fans. Artwork designed by the Ukrainian artist Leìt, known for her graphic works with Hortus Animae, Martyr Lucifer and the Norwegian black metal legend Ancient.

The RAVNKALD warriors remain unstoppable, again in 2021 the “United by Pagan Blood” CD will also be unleashed, it’s a split album with Grim Sköll, which will be released again by Azermedoth Records from Mexico. Stay tuned for more news to come.


Lord Marganor – drums
Agöth Sterpe – guitars, synth
Martyr Lucifer – vocals

Album tracklist:

01. Heilög Vötn
02. Nerthus
03. Circumumbalation
04. The Pagan Resistance
05. Her Heart Is a Grave
06. As Cold as Venom
07. The Wind Blowing on the Last Day
08. Epicedio - Sage and Whispering Ghosts
09. Heilög Vötn II




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