Black Reuss (Liechtenstein) - Journey - Reviewed By hardmusicbase! Tuesday July 19 2022, 10:11 PM
Black Reuss (Liechtenstein) - Journey - Reviewed By hardmusicbase!

Black Reuss (Liechtenstein) - Journey - Reviewed By hardmusicbase ! Check it out here at this link:

There are many ways to look at the darkness and how to portray it musically. Some may take the darkness as something intrinsically terrible, awakening nightmares and goosebumps all over the body. Something like the impressionism of the evil of the unesoteric masochism of confessionals. However, the Liechtensteins OF BLACK REUSS take darkness as something inwardly strengthening. They make it clear that you simply can't avoid darkness even as a bunch of spoilers, but you can get through it to the light of knowledge even without platinum credit cards. BLACK REUSS are a dark rock band using the expressive possibilities of heavy doom metal and gothic. The songs on the album "Journey" go through different phases of negative consonances that permeate the invisible and regress. The only thing is consistent, and that is that life itself is constantly changing, just like the music of BLACK REUSS, even if the initial impression is that the opposite conclusions with untrustworthy phrases. Heavy density turns into a melancholy of bonds that dominate the infirm being, but which at the same time can offer the opportunity to awaken the courage to free oneself. Then, through the musical darkness of the relatively simple negatives of BLACK REUSS, you can also experience other feelings such as bliss and inner peace without vacuum effect. That is, if you find more than the light of a coward in your dark interior. Musically it is very difficult to bring the music of this band closer or even compare, but certain influences revolve around the treachery of Candlemass, the nothingness of My Dying Bride, the subtle perversion of Lacrimosa and the epic soulfulness of The Sisters Of Mercy. I'm not going to talk directly about the color of the vocals, which is a bit of a traditional gloom in the gray frame, but the way the vocal expression oscillates between vocalists Rammstein, Depeche Mode and Rasmus. That is, emotional expressions of words in the captivity of heavy guitars of decadence with frighteningly dragging rhythms and subtly unorthodox playfulness of the keyboards. Maybe it's a good thing that BLACK REUSS doesn't try to tease fans suffering from seasonal hits as part of its inner alignment with the demons of civilization, but certain more pronounced methods of persuasion would not hurt, as in the very successful refrains in the opening track "Exodus". No, the band does not necessarily appeal to consumer music fans, but certain novelties could definitely elevate the band's creation to the splendidity of darkness in the future. But even so, it is a great album that could be taken as an education from a dark street, whose path is all holes and potholes that can cause a fall. However, if you can use your inner light and control melancholy to your advantage, then each subsequent depressive fall of soul consciousness can be more bearable and may not hurt as much. Then honor our memory if we come to the last fall. - hardmusicbase

Release Date: May 6th, 2022

FFO: Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Katatonia, Black Sabbath

Location: Principality of Liechtenstein

Black Reuss is at home in doomy heavy metal with a touch of melancholy and a certain heaviness, the heaviness that has accompanied Black Reuss in some chapters of his life.

After the metamorphosis, the second chapter journey begins. At this stage, Black Reuss realizes the need to think for himself and free himself from the grip of things that want to control his live. The courage to free from these bonds gives the momentum and the motivation to finally move on to the target, Arrival. "The only thing that is consistent, is that life constantly changes” Journey is about surrendering to inner preferences and being less and less controlled by material or negative things. Going through different stages, progresses as well as regresses. Sometimes Black Reuss experiences bliss, feelings, and inner peace. But he also realizes that there are always stumbling blocks on his journey...will he find his freedom and arrive? “Falling becomes easier and doesn't hurt the same”

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