Rezet New Video 'Duck & Cover' - Featured At Metal Hammer! Sunday June 30 2024, 11:30 AM
Rezet New Video 'Duck & Cover' - Featured At Metal Hammer!

Rezet New Video 'Duck & Cover' - Featured At Metal Hammer ! Check it out here at this link:

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Release Date: 30th August 2024 via Violent Creek Records

Genre Description: Speed/Thrash Metal

FFO: Destruction, Megadeth, Heathen, Traitor

Location: Schleswig; Northern Germany



Rezet Unleash New Video 'Duck & Cover' Ahead of Upcoming Self-Titled Sixth Album

New Album "Rezet" Out August 30, 2024 via Violent Creek Records

Speed/thrash metal aficionados, get ready for a sonic onslaught! Rezet is set to release their highly anticipated sixth studio album, simply titled "Rezet," on August 30, 2024, via Violent Creek Records. Fans can get an electrifying preview of what's to come with the release of their second single, "Duck & Cover," out now.

For fans of bands like Destruction, Megadeth, Heathen, and Traitor, Rezet's new album promises to deliver the adrenaline-fueled, riff-heavy experience they crave. Hailing from Schleswig in Northern Germany, Rezet has become synonymous with uncompromising thrash metal, blending the ferocity of the genre's classics with a modern twist.

"Rezet" features eleven blistering tracks, including a unique piano intro, showcasing the band's evolution and maturity. The album seamlessly weaves between the golden era of thrash metal and contemporary influences, offering fans a new, devastating experience.

This release marks a new chapter for Rezet, with the addition of string sorcerer Nikolay Atanasov (AGENT STEEL) and bassist Lorenz Kandolf (TRAITOR) to the lineup. They join the band's founder, singer, guitarist, and main composer Ricky Wagner, along with exceptional drummer Bastian "attt" Santen. The result is a lineup that sounds stronger and more energized than ever before.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by the renowned Eike Freese (HELLOWEEN, DEEP PURPLE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN), "Rezet" was partly recorded at the band's own "Rad Toad Studios" in Schleswig-Holstein. The album's dystopian artwork, created by Pär Oloffsson (Exodus, Aborted, Pathology, Traitor, Finsterforst), depicts a mechanical landscape being reclaimed by new life, echoing the album's themes of renewal and aggression.

"This album represents a second spring for Rezet," says the band. "It's honest, direct and bursting with aggressiveness. We've never sounded fresher."

Prepare for a thrash metal revolution as Rezet resets the bar with their self-titled album coming August 30th, 2024.

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