Vorgrum (Argentina) - Ancient Whisper - Reviewed by Jenny Tate! Wednesday June 29 2022, 8:24 PM
Vorgrum (Argentina) - Ancient Whisper - Reviewed by Jenny Tate!

Vorgrum (Argentina) - Ancient Whisper - Reviewed by Jenny Tate ! Check it out here at this link: https://jennytate.wordpress.com/2022/06/21/vorgrum-ancient-whisper/

‘Ancient Whisper’ enters your senses courtesy of Buenos Aires, Argentina-based fantasy folk metal band, Vorgrum. Awakened in 2009, by founder Folter.

Aptly termed, ‘The Awakening’, their EP release arrived in 2011. From there, sprung live appearances, local to their home base of Argentina. 2015 brought an album entitled ‘Last Domain’, via Nocturna and 2018 spawned their next album, ‘Party In The Deep’, through Sound Age. Both albums were played live, in Europe. In 2022, following the departure of the rest of the band, Folter became a solo artist. The latest single, ‘Ancient Whisper’, was launched this month, just 4 days ago.

Ancient Whisper – Very light synth intro, with kick drum accompanying. Unexpected blackened screams roar, alongside the bright melody. Speeding it up, allowing the song to breathe, in the process. Actually quite Viking-esque, in atmospheric terms. There’s a fair amount going on, as the growls intensify, but not enough to overwhelm. A retreat, into episodic quiescence, featuring backing choirs, then taking it back up again, but retaining the folky lyrics. Ending on a light and dark combo, effectively delivered. A track both easy and energising, to listen to, with pleasant and powerful vibes, throughout. Recommended.

8/10 ******** - Jenny Tate

Release Date: 06/17/22

FFO: Ensiferum, Beast in Black, Moonsorrow

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short Bio: Vorgrum is a band that was born in 2009 with Folter. In 2011 after gathering musicians, the ep "The Awakening" was released, which would take them to their first live shows in their country. Later, the albums "Last Domain" (Via Nocturna 2015) and "Party in the Deep" (Sound Age 2018) would come out, which were presented on tours in Europe. In 2022, after the members left the band, Folter continued releasing the single "Ancient Whisper" independently on June 17.

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