Surface Of The Sun’s Music Video “Vanguard” Is A Compelling and Progressive Ode To Growth Monday March 13 2023, 4:47 PM
Surface Of The Sun’s Music Video “Vanguard” Is A Compelling and Progressive Ode To Growth

Surface Of The Sun is a progressive metal band hailing from Canada, it is the solo project of Devon Eggers who has been creating captivating and expansive soundscapes since 2011. SOTS has released three singles that are intertwined: “Oblivion” (off 2019 EP 'Panacea'), and tracks “Dragon” and “Vanguard” (off 2020 EP 'Dragon'), which all have corresponding music videos. “Vanguard” is the end of the cyclical process the singles are about - becoming a leader, passing on the strength found within, and allowing the process of growth to continue. Eggers explains in detail:

““Vanguard” is a longer, progressive soundscape that follows a unique arrangement that allows for interesting builds and dynamics between sections. The vocal arrangement is kept simpler to allow for more complexities within the Asian instruments that complement the heavy guitar tracks. I hope to share with fans something on a more personal level. The songs touch on internal struggles, but ultimately end on being able to overcome those struggles to become something bigger, better, and stronger.”

For Eggers, “Vanguard” was a song that he really resonated with once he started writing it. The song was based around the opening guitar riff and finding ways to make it grow and expand throughout the track. The feeling those first few riffs created in him left him attached to the song, and he spent a considerable amount of time experimenting with different arrangements to get the emotional journey right. With his music, he hopes to immerse listeners in a musical soundscape that is both catchy, but also something they can get lost in. The type of music one can close their eyes to, shut off all the lights, and just be carried away by the sounds and melodies.

Compared to the other two singles, “Vanguard” is meant to be more progressive, and contrasting, and a current example of the roots of Surface of the Sun. It is recommended for fans of A Perfect Circle, Chevelle, and Tool.

Watch the music video for "Vanguard" at

EP "Dragon" was released on Aug 17, 2020, and is available at , , Spotify .

Track Listing:​
1. Dragon (3:47)
2. Vanguard (6:19)
EP Length: 10:06

EP Credits:​
Music: All music and lyrics written and performed by Devon Eggers, except the drums, which were performed by Chris Warunki.
Produced, recorded, edited, and mixed by Devon Eggers at Surface of the Sun Studios.
Mastered by Andrew Downton at Railtown Mastering.
EP Artwork: By Vohrart
Member of SOCAN
Content is Canadian Music (MAPL)

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