New Promo: Evoking Winds - The Heroes: HoMM II & III Metal OST - (Black Atmospheric Folk Dungeon Synth Metal) Tuesday June 14 2022, 2:47 PM
New Promo: Evoking Winds - The Heroes: HoMM II & III Metal OST - (Black Atmospheric Folk Dungeon Synth Metal)

Release Date: May 27, 2022

FFO: Heroes of Might and Magic III, Heroes of Might and Magic II

Location: Belarus

The true brilliant of the Heroes of Might and Magic series is music. It influenced the Evoking Winds band much and this album is our tribute work to the three heroes of fantasy music: Paul Romero, Rob King, and Steve Baca. The monumental work "Heroes of Might and Magic III OST" had been released 20 years ago, and we played the beloved themes from HoMM3 and HoMM2 once again to celebrate the music we all grew on.

The band carefully arranged the OST and performed all the main town themes of HoMM3 as well as several additions from HoMM2 original soundtrack. Evoking Winds is a completely non-commercial project distributing their music for free.

Atmospheric metal meets folklore fantasy in music by Evoking Winds. It’s a mixture of stormy blast beats with an epic ambiance and a healthy dose of Eastern Europe’s dark tales.

The band was originally founded by Artyom Prishchepov in Belarus in 2008 as the way close friends created music together. They composed music for years just for fun and inspiration, and the band has eventually grown over a decade: adding Yaroslav Korotkin on vocals and bass, Sergey Shulzhenko (keys and orchestration), Dmitry Sarychau on guitars, Alexander Cherepanov doing vocals and Alia Fay on flutes and female vocals. Today the musicians live around the world: Belarus, USA, Poland, China, Russia - and collaborate online. Recently they decided to re-mix and issue all of their music digitally available for everyone for free, featuring James Knoerl on drums and programming. Starting with the very first works they walk the journey again opening new chapters together. This sense of friendship is something everyone really started to value during pandemics and isolation.

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