Black Doomba Records release trailer/Pre-orders for upcoming DOOMBANOMICON Wednesday February 27 2019, 11:17 PM
Black Doomba Records release trailer/Pre-orders for upcoming DOOMBANOMICON

Black Doomba Records are pleased to reveal a new trailer for the label's upcoming DOOMBANOMICON. The album is a double LP which collects together 13 tracks which were personally curated by label owner Tommy Stewart.

View the trailer here:

The album is a deluxe double vinyl compilation, 13 artists, 180 grams, download card. During pre-sale, until May 17, 2019: comes with Doombanomicon creature shirt and Black Doomba Records 3 x 4 patch. VINYL IS 2 COLOR VARIANTS: Sides 1 and 2 are "Aside/Bside" purple, orange. Sides 3 and 4 are "Splatter" purple, orange, black.

T-shirt can be ordered to size, if your size is sold out at the time of packaging, an extra large will be sent."

Pre-order here:

“This is not a compilation,” says Tommy Stewart, owner of Black Doomba Records. Plenty of labels do compilations, but his label offers a curation. Doombanomicon is Stewart’s first venture into this world, and he has approached it with the same care and methodical approach as he handles the rest of the business.

The music within is of exceptional quality, and showcases a gamut of doom metal’s unsung talent, progressing from the light and melodic to the dark and dingy. No two songs are the same - from the wailing traditional salvos by Negative Wall and Bludy Gyres, through the psychedelic and spacey DayGlo Mourning, the bluesy tones of Doomstress contrasted with the post-punk vein of Dead Register, a nod to the crusty extreme in Coffin Torture and Gravehuffer, before we crash into an eerie finale with Xothun’s noise-drenched drone-doom. It took Stewart six months to hand-pick the right artists for this collection, and as a result of this precision the thirteen tracks all complement each other while highlighting doom’s variety.

Aside from the songs, Doombanomicon also boasts fierce artwork of a robotic death dealing creature rumbling on caterpillar tank tracks, an impressive sight on the double-vinyl gatefold. The full package also comes with a free download card, a Black Doomba Records logo patch, and extra large Doombanomicon shirt based on the cover. This extra material will only be available during the pre-sale, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Doom fans looking for fresh new material will find plenty to dive into on Doombanomicon - Stewart’s efforts have paid off with a memorable selection, wrapped in a special and unusual way. There’s plenty more to be unveiled about this release, so stay tuned for more visual and aural delights.


1. Imperii Exsulses by Negative Wall
2. Bitter Plea by Doomstress
3. Smoke Serpent by Stoneman
4. Dawn of Eternal Night by Witchcross
5. The Veneration of Serpents by Gallow God
6. Shadow in the Well by Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf
7. Monochrome by Dead Register
8. Defy the Lie by Bludy Gyres
9. Wood Valley by Order of the Owl
10. Busla’s Curse by DayGlo Mourning
11. Izhar by Coffin Torture
12. Kill For Sport by Gravehuffer
13. Hymn by Xothun

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