New Promo: MARYANN (USA) - The Outsider - (Rock) Thursday May 12 2022, 8:01 PM
New Promo: MARYANN (USA) - The Outsider - (Rock)

Release Date: 2021

FFO: Tom Petty, Santana, Bob Dylan

Location: New Jersey, USA

Short Bio: MaryAnn Stefanik, lyricist, singer, and songwriter from New York & Florida, has always enjoyed singing from a young age. A truly memorable voice, MaryAnn has a hypnotic sexy tone that will pull you through the various genres of Folk, Adult Contemporary, and Rock. Warm, real, honest, and sincere, her lyrics will enlighten you and enfold you into the wisdom and light that is MaryAnn. MaryAnn released “A Rose…Is a Rose…Is a Rose” in July 2006 to critical acclaim and excellent reviews. The singles “Crossing Over by the 31st” and “Picture Perfect” followed, which proved her lyrical writing skills show her insight, hindsight & foresight, and became the driving force behind her 2017 TRANSPARENT release. Her latest single, THE OUTSIDER, will leave you wanting MORE... More info at HERE

This single will be featured on the upcoming Rock album released on Bongo Boy Records - Kryp II Knight Volume III by Various Artists! 

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