Kharon - Shores Of Acheron - Reviewed By EXTREME METAL MANIAC BLOG! Thursday April 7 2022, 11:26 AM
Kharon - Shores Of Acheron - Reviewed By EXTREME METAL MANIAC BLOG!

Kharon - Shores Of Acheron - Reviewed By EXTREME METAL MANIAC BLOG ! Check it out here at this link:

Over the years I've written about quite a few bands who's career start didn't pan out. Then years later the band gets a second chance and it turns out to be fairly good. Case in point is KHARON a black metal act from Norway. Here's a band that started out way over twenty years ago.

Unfortunately things didn't work out in their favor. So obviously the band members would go onto other acts. But it just seemed that, after giving this a few listens, the band members really wanted to get something out at least a full length. And so here we have the first official full length by KHARON. 

Now some of these cuts are re-recorded from the band's past short form releases, particularly their 2003 EP Raised by Hellish Demons. They're mixed in with some newer material. Overall the basic style here is pure 90's era BM. The vocals are amazing on the vicious harsh side filled with filth and venom. To me good BM vocals are always a plus.

Musically the songs vary with some having galloping tremolo picked riffs. There's death thrash style roaming around on some cuts. That in it self breaks this from being generic. Plus there's the melodic rhythms on certain cuts which are mixed with intense riffs and powerful drum work. It's not too hard to here where the old and new songs are placed.

In the end you have plenty of new BM acts trying to sound old and it's easy to do. Now when older acts try to be relevant in modern times it's a lot tougher. After listening to this one multiple times I'd say KHARON have finally found their niche in the modern world of Black Metal. - EXTREME METAL MANIAC BLOG

Release Date: March 11, 2022

FFO: Necrophobic, Dissection, At The Gates

Location: Norway

Short Bio: Kharon was born in the early nineties Norwegian metal scene in Sarpsborg, playing local gigs and releasing a demo and an EP, before they lay it all to rest and the dust settled… 20 years later Kharon was awakened by the plague and joined forces with Hellstain Productions to lift the old material from the shadows of the past, and lit the flame of new material.

Album is available from on digipack CD and gold vinyl in gatefold including the 2021 EP “The Fullmoon Curse” as bonus on red vinyl. Shores of Acheron is an opus of technical and melodic black metal - a product of experienced musicians with roots in the Norwegian 90s scene and representation from artists of Mork, Dauden and Ragnarok. The album constitutes Kharon’s journey through more than 20 years of Norwegian metal music history.

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