Bulletproof - Dynamite - Reviewed By Metal Temple! Friday March 4 2022, 2:51 PM
Bulletproof - Dynamite - Reviewed By Metal Temple!

Bulletproof - Dynamite - Reviewed By Metal Temple ! Check it out here at this link: http://www.metal-temple.com/site/catalogues/entry/reviews/cd_3/b_2/bulletproof-dynamite.htm

Sometimes you get amazed and surprised by a release that drops on your doormat. This has happened to me, because BULLETPROÖF is a band that hails from Argentina. Not a country too well known for its metal community. The band have been together for just over four years and on the first of November 2021 they released their debut “Dynamite”, a five track EP with music that must be labelled as True Metal. This is about as metal as they could come. Thundering riffs, rolling drums and ground-breaking bass are charging through the speakers. The voice of Poli Serafini complements the sound perfectly.

You will hear old fashioned metal bands coming through. The most notable ones are ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and even some MANOWAR. We start off with the pounding song of “Banners High!”, which immediately sets the tone for the whole EP. The intentions are clear: we are here to play Pure Heavy Metal and to let the folks know that Heavy Metal is our religion!  The thundering tempo of the song is quite addictive. If you can’t recognise the sound on the title song you have never heard the debut album of JUDAS PRIEST, because this could have come straight off of “Rocka Rolla”. Another tune that has that enticing feel that acquires you to start shouting along with the singer.

“Flag Of Freedom” is a lot slower, but it has that mesmerising sound that tries to keep it interesting. It’s also the poorest of the songs. It just doesn’t gel, unfortunately. Thankfully the band picks up again with “Fist Pounding”. The title says it all, and you will feel the urge to go along with BULLETPROÖF. “Feel The Heat” finishes the EP and is the most melodic of the songs. It’s also the one that makes me the happiest, as this one does have a bit of depth to it.

All together I can conclude that BULLETPROÖF is a band that know what it likes. They are for True Heavy Metal, and have no trouble in letting us know and attempting to have us contribute with them on their “Dynamite” EP. But, alas, the songs they have recorded may have that illusive trait of being contagious, they just are a little too shallow for my liking. I know, the True Metal fans will eat me alive after I said that, but I am entitled to my own opinion. And so are they. - Metal Temple

Release Date: November 1st, 2021

FFO: Running Wild, Judas Priest, Accept

Stream it here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/bulletprof/dynamite

"All around, choruses rock harder than Freddie Mercury in is heyday; once the hard-driving and ever-fuelled "Dynamite" proper blows up in our adamantly grimacing faces, all bets and codpieces are off. The actual musicianship is nothing out of this World - except maybe for these wicked, fun-loving solos which take off at every knuckle-dragging turn, alongside killer main riff to " Flags of Freedom ". Beginning with a stomping, AOR reminiscent drum beat and throbbing, pulsing bass - the kind Rudy Sarzo and Bob Daisley would approve of - this winner makes kick-ass use of its utterly slack n' sleazy momentum, kind of similar to Judas Priest 's " Rock You All Around The World ", but with way more character."

"Leads occasionally feature Tony Iommi' s singularly sharpened, diabolical flair, and I'd be lying by omission not to exclaim (maybe a touch too eagerly) how much this release also brings me back to Slade 's cheesy, albeit wondrous, Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply , from 1984. " Fist Pounding " is another haymaker which suits both illegal drag-racing/911 pursuits and stalled big city traffic jams, alike. Try to dismiss its allegorically fun refrain, and let us know how that works out. Closer " Feel The Heat " starts off with a down-home, GNR ' (circa "Lies") style clean blues shuffle-slam before turning it up, combining sardonic chutzpah with mesmeric Rob Halford ian poise..." -  CHAIRTHROWER Metal Archives

“We want to thank all those who allowed us to make this dream become true. Family, friends, colleagues and the entire Heavy Metal brotherhood. Long live Rock, long live Heavy Metal, long live Bulletproöf!”

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Recorded at Barbaro Recording Studios and Martillo Estudio.



Poli Serafini: Lead vocal / Guitar
Matías Pena: Drums
Martín De Bonis: Bass guitar / Vocals
Ariel García: Lead Guitar / Vocals

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