No Hope For The Lost - The Pilgrimage - Reviewed by Metal Digest! Tuesday January 11 2022, 2:09 PM
No Hope For The Lost - The Pilgrimage - Reviewed by Metal Digest!

No Hope For The Lost - The Pilgrimage - Reviewed by Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

No Hope For The Lost are a progressive metalcore band from Alberta, Canada that rose from the ashes of Deadlights in 2020, their newest 4 track EP ‘The Pilgrimage’ was released in April 2021 on Octave Studio.

No Hope For The Lost’s unique blend of metal & sci-fi influences is evident on ‘The Pilgrimage’ their new EP is centred around the classic 2001 Square Enix game ‘Final Fantasy X’,

The first track ‘Braska’ is a short opening piece that rolls into ‘Yu Yevon’ which kicks from the start with a hard rhythmical breakdown, full of melodic & heavy riffs each song harkens back to countless hours grinding away through the world of Spira (but let’s be honest… mostly just playing Blitzball!)

‘Yunalesca’ is another short soundscape-based piece leading into the final track, ‘Jecht’ with its slamming riffs covered in melodic overtures is a metal band’s metaphorical equivalent to a final boss.

Be sure to check out ‘The Pilgrimage EP’ & keep an eye out for future No Hope For The Lost releases! - Metal Digest

Release Date: April 9, 2021

FFO: Periphery, Meshuggah, Deftones, Devin Townsend, Gojira

Location: Alberta, Canada

No Hope For The Lost is a project formed and led by musician and audio engineer Nathanael Bohnet. Ran out of Octave Studios in Medicine Hat, Alberta, No Hope For The Lost was formed as Deadlights originally in 2018. After releasing one EP and having Covid-19 cancel all plans for festival appearances and touring, Nathanael and bandmate/producer Re Mayer decided it was time to go back to the drawing board. Thus, No Hope for the Lost was born.

Combining influences of progressive metal, metalcore, and various influences from science fiction to video games, No Hope for the Lost delivers a unique sound that is as heavy as it is accessible. Their 2021 EP "The Pilgrimage" is centered around the classic video game Final Fantasy X, and they have re-released their old Deadlights material as a homage to their formative days, thus continuing the pattern of being influenced by various works of fiction. New EP coming 2022.

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