Intaglio - II - Reviewed by Allaroundmetal! Monday January 10 2022, 6:42 PM
Intaglio - II - Reviewed by Allaroundmetal!

Intaglio - II - Reviewed by Allaroundmetal ! Check it out here at this link:

There is a fringe of Doom Metal that (pre)deals with
representing the suffering of the human being even in its most hidden manifestations and the Intaglio undoubtedly belong to this category of doomsters; but - in the case of this second release - the suffering goes so far that it is embodied in listening to the record itself. And yes, because never as in this case we can talk about "second effort": this CD is really difficult to listen to it to the end, as it is gloomy and desperate. But, above all, it is extremely cloying due to the use (in my opinion inappropriate) of the singing in growl. I like the use of strings, which - since classical music - best express feelings of melancholy and sadness; ditto for the ad hoc use of synthesizers, but the growl (albeit interspersed with narrator and "clean" voice) I can see it more suitable for faster pieces, such as Death and / or Grindcore while, inserted in a more deadly and cadenced context, I find it rather difficult to digest. But so much so, de gustibus. Coming to the examination of this second dark creature born from ours, without a shadow of a doubt the piece that stands out above all is the very long (eight minutes) "Subject to Time", which, not surprisingly, has also been published as a single: the wise grafting of the transverse flute I liked, perhaps because I have a weakness for this (in my opinion too underestimated) instrument. The russian funeral combo (active since 2004) proves to be able to handle the material wisely, with a certain mastery of the genre, certainly favored by genetics, given that the musical tradition of their land of origin is great, which has given so much prestige to the cause of classical music. I personally reviewed their first full-length and I can say that, their latest realization, takes the speech exactly from the point where he left it, without adding much but also without subtracting anything under the compositional aspect, always sciorinando good ideas and discrete ideas, always and in any case in the name of the most macabre metal attitude, proposing what could be the soundtrack of our last days of life, to listen to on our deathbed. -  Allaroundmetal

Release Date: October 29, 2021

FFO: Evoken, My Dying Bride, Ahab

After many years of silence, Intaglio has released a new full-length album called “II”. The album can be described as a "doom opera" and will not only amaze old fans of the band but should also interest new listeners with the contributions Intaglio has made to the development of the style.

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A large form was used on "II", which is exceedingly rare in metal and rock music. Only live instruments were used in the recording, including classical ones such as cello and upright bass, and professional vocalists with voices varying from basso profundo to soprano have created a unique palette of sounds. The album is a conceptual work with compositions and lyrics united as a single large piece, and for the full experience should be listened to from beginning to end in order to completely immerse the listener into its atmosphere. 
"II" was recorded and mixed at Slow Burn Studio (When Nothing Remains, Woe Unto Me), was mastered by Mika Jussila (Shape Of Despair, Isole, Unholy, Moonspell) at the legendary Finnvox studio in Finland, and includes stunning cover art crafted by the Polish artist Mariusz Lewandowski (Bell Witch, Atramentus) and designed to highlight and complement the album's unique music. Both massive and sophisticated Intaglio’s creation is a brand new and exciting take on the doom-death genre.

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Evander Sinque - Lead Vocals
Evgeny Semenov - Acoustic, Baritone, Electric Guitar, Bass, Korg MS-20
Alexey Batrakov - Double Bass, Bass
Nadia Avanesova - Cello
Roman “V” - Drums, Percussion
Tres Hunter - Bass Vocals
Andy Grig - Tenor Vocals
Reverend B. - Spoken Words, Baritone Vocals
Maria Balakina - Soprano Vocals, Chimes
Artur Shaura - Basso Profundo
Dmitry Litvintsev - Baritone Vocals
Anna Semenova - Spoken Words
Alexander Tretyakov - Additional Guitars
Aleksey Samoschenkov - Flute
Sergey Sevastyanov - Mouth Harp

Written & produced by Evgeny Semenov
Arrangements by Intaglio
Lyrics by Evander Sinque, Sergey Terentjev, Evgeny Semenov, Reverend B. & Jeremy Lewis
Artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski
Layout by Sergey Terentjev

Recorded at Slow Burn Studio during 2019-2021. Additional vocals recorded at Skylark Studios in 2020-2021.
Mixed by Evgeny Semenov at Slow Burn Studio in April-May 2021.
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios in May 2021.

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