WITNESSES' Forthcoming Album 'Doom II' Streaming in its Entirety Tuesday May 26 2020, 1:47 PM
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WITNESSES' Forthcoming Album 'Doom II' Streaming in its Entirety

New York (NY) - Doom II, the forthcoming album from genre-defying Doom Metal project WITNESSES, is now streaming in its entirety, courtesy of Invisible Oranges. Check it out below!

WITNESSES - Doom II (Exclusive Album Stream)

WITNESSES will self-release Doom II on May 31. The album consists of six songs about a plague born at sea, which makes it to land, to a village that hopes its story will not be forgotten.

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Formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Greg Schwan, the goal of WITNESSES has always been and continues to be the creation of evocative music that crosses genre lines. All principle writing and arrangement on Doom II was handled by Schwan, with vital contributions provided by instrumentalists, vocalists, artists, and photographers alike. As of 2020, WITNESSES has explored cinematic and ambient, metal, pop, and folk via four albums and four singles.

"Witnesses have an album of the year contender on their hands with Doom II. It's a masterpiece."
- Antichrist Magazine

"If you dig MY DYING BRIDE, PALLBEARER or KHEMMIS this might be up your alley."
- Reflections of Darkness

Track Listing

1. On This Black Ocean
2. I Hope Their Prayers Aren't Answered
3. Doom II
4. Worse With Time
5. Who Were You Before All This
6. An Ending

Album Credits

Greg Schwan - guitar, bass, keys, lyrics, arrangements, mixing, mastering

Matt Kozar - Ebow and guitars

Scott Loose - solo on track 3

Kody Ternes - vocals

Artwork by Sean Jun

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