New Promo: Hanz Krypt - Doomed Planet - (Doom Metal) Sunday December 19 2021, 4:23 PM
New Promo: Hanz Krypt - Doomed Planet - (Doom Metal)

Release Date: March 2022

FFO: Pentagram, Witchfinder General, St. Vitus

Location: Venice Beach, California

Hanz Krypt is a a Doom Metal band from Venice Beach, California ! They are currently working on their new album entitled ' Doomed Planet' to be released March 2022! The band consists of original vocalist Vincent Farrentino, Guitarist Larry Rousseve who has toured the world with The Doors tribute band, Peace Frog bassist Gemini Williams and Original Drummer Randy TAZ Von Uden. So far, the band has recorded three new songs Not Your Sacrifice, Needles The Covid, and Spirit Rider!  The new songs have been called biker doom metal and stand up to HANZ KRYPT proud past. 

Check out this video from their last release!

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Contact Vince for interviews: 310 480 3990

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