FULLMANE: "Lurking In The Dark" - Reviewed At Rocka Rolla! Tuesday November 23 2021, 10:48 AM
FULLMANE: "Lurking In The Dark" - Reviewed At Rocka Rolla!

FULLMANE: "Lurking In The Dark" - Reviewed At Rocka Rolla ! Check it out here at this link: https://rockarollazine.blogspot.com/2021/10/fullmane-lurking-in-dark-2020-sliptrick.html

Hard, rough and high chords from the beginning of albumen with The World Will Burn,an old-school black metal with grunts and hard continuous hooks with a bit of punk metal influence, while Cut Me Open continues with the same line and scale, rough and high chords. Thus "Lurking In The Dark" presents 7 constant and dense tracks, opening with a dark but fiery harmony, a crudely harsh and squealing blasphemy, with a tormenting voice of malice as it emerges with the strong blows with trembling reverberation of the drums. The composition is an agonizing and explosive harmony at times, Punk and Black make a presence here as commented, sulfurous, rough, hard melodies are heard and manifest progressively with technical stability in the background. "Lurking In The Dark" is a good debut album, with all the classic elements of old-school Black! For all the Black Metal maniacs combining a little or it depends on the dose of Punk metal, so check it out if you dare! With high impact of darkness! - Rocka Rolla

"The rawest punk-infused black metal you're likely to find in the underground. Blasting out of the cold north of Norway, Fullmåne (Full-Moon) Is not for everyone. If you like your music bloody raw and ain`t afraid of the dark – this is the band that gets down and dirty. With High energy riffs and millitant drumb beats, wrapped in a spooky horror atmosphere – this is a pure poser antidote - without any worship of the past."

"As a one man band, the self proclaimed «Pyroman» (Pyromaniac) does everything himself. All instruments, songwriting and recording is a relentless one man war on the world. Nedless to say the production is Lo-Fi and DIY is the name of the game. That being said, you can definately bang your head to this suprisingly well composed madness. Follow the light of the moon and forget your life! This is the black metal of the future."

- Fullmåne

Fullmåne is promoting their latest album "Lurking in the Dark" - Self released march 2020 (also coming out on tape via local "Screaming Skull Records" sometime in July. They have self made cassettes and CDs also for sale. They are looking for someone that wants to release it on Vinyl! Contact him here motorburger3@gmail.com





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