Gia G - Cosmic Wave - Reviewed By Keep On Rocking! Monday January 31 2022, 1:01 PM
Gia G - Cosmic Wave - Reviewed By Keep On Rocking!

Gia G - Cosmic Wave - Reviewed By Keep On Rocking ! Check it out here at this link:

She is a guitar virtuoso. Under the name Gia G, the US girl Gia Federico releases her debut EP with "Cosmic Wave". After four singles have already been released every two years since 2013. That doesn't sound like much, but by the way she is also the guitarist of Devil In The Mist, an alternative metal band. But again, there is little more than a few singles and an EP. Among many others, Joe Satriani, Eddi van Halen and Jimi Hendrix are mentioned as references. Otherwise, the press releases on details about the guitarist are silent.

IMG_3314For this EP, Gia recorded three songs. First we hear the title song "Cosmic Wave". The cosmic vibrations can be heard. A mix of groove and rock/pop. In the video you can really enjoy the musical skills of the guitarist. Although the sound is fundamentally different from Jimi Hendrix, in one she resembles her great idol. She plays with her left hand. And grabs the chords on the guitar neck with the right. "Reminiscing" is then much quieter. So the ballad on the EP. One thinks the guitar is sobbing. Inevitably, I think of the Beatles' big hit "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". The best usually comes at the end, as on this EP. Fantastic is the use of the tremolo in "Intrical Fusion". In addition, the incredibly fast and numerous handle changes on the guitar frets.

An impressive performance by Gia Federico. With her guitar skills, she does not have to hide behind the big names, which are listed as influences. Your two comrades-in-arms provide the solid basis for an excellent EP. A word about the artist's name. Reminds me immensely of the Greek guitarist Gus G. Gia lives up to this form of name, virtuosos among themselves. How about a full-length silver by Gia G? - Keep On Rocking

Release Date: January 25th, 2022

FFO: Jason Becker, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani 

Location: Boston, USA

Gia Federico is an instrumental guitarist out of Boston, USA, she is signed with Sliptrick Records with both GIA G and Devil In The Mist . The ' Cosmic Wave EP ' is the latest release for Gia Federico’s solo instrumental project Gia G and the first since 2019’s The Ladder. The new EP is her best to date and takes her music in a different direction and higher level.  Showcasing her diverse prowess on the frets, with jazz modal and scalar legato featuring in Intricate Fusion and Cosmic Wave , to the acoustic slap song, Reminiscing, which shows another side of her style with a great feel, bluesy runs and phrases. Cosmic Wave takes the listener on a journey of musical knowledge, intricate writing, great for listening when you're in your car breezing down the highway.   

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