Why should teachers play heavy metal music when students are taking tests? Saturday October 9 2021, 2:45 PM
Why should teachers play heavy metal music when students are taking tests?

Music is so deeply intertwined with our lives. We listen to music when we go shopping, when we drive the car, read or jog. Music is always present in everyone’s lives and without it, the world will be a worse place. There are many music genres out there and new genres gain more and more momentum. Students and youngsters are the ones that listen the most to music and that choose songs and bands that play different music genres. 

At the same time, students are the ones that are listening to music while they study and learn, saying that music helps them retain the information better. On the other hand, some students say they can study only in complete silence, so it is a matter of taste. 

Heavy metal music was thought to be the music of the evil, music that urges you to commit suicide or kill someone, the music that brings no good. But these are just preconceptions. Even though heavy metal music is indeed different from other genres because it has distorted and dense sounds, some students love it. 

And they would even choose heavy metal music to be the one playing in the background when they study or take a test. Researchers have studied the effects of heavy metal music on the students’ information retention and productivity and the results are incredible. Find out below why teachers should play heavy metal music when students are taking tests and the results of the research done on this topic.

Stress Relieving 

We all know that college years are full of positive emotions, but also of negative ones. Anger, frustration, nervousness can easily appear while students study or take a test. According to Essaygeeks from assignment writing services , when students take tests, they are usually stressed. Maybe because they have not managed to read all the study materials. Maybe they do not feel ready to take the test. Maybe they are frustrated or angered by a matter outside classes. 

Either way, these negative emotions, and intense stress can seriously affect students’ performance. Listening to heavy metal music helps students relieve stress and get rid of all the negative emotions. This might be because this music genre is more alert and comes with distorted and dense sounds that create the perfect environment to relieve your anger and frustration. 

As students’ anger and frustration are decreasing, they will be able to focus their attention on something that matters at the moment: taking the test. Teachers could play heavy metal music in the background when students are taking a test to help them relieve stress and other intense negative emotions. But at the same time, they should be mindful of those students who like to study or take a test in silence. For them, this music genre can only make them more agitated. 

Fuel Energy 

As expert writers from professional paper writing services highlight, students are often depleted of energy, especially during the exam period. Having to study for so many subjects, taking tests, writing essays and assignments, or working on group projects can indeed turn out to be overwhelming at some point. 

They might feel they do not have enough energy and resources to face all the challenges that lie ahead. And they can feel this especially when they are taking a test. Well, here is the point where listening to heavy metal music will surely help. The thing is, taking a test after you have studied for a week can be tiring. 

Students might feel they cannot focus or that they do not have enough energy to face this challenge. But heavy metal music has some sounds that make your brain more alert and vigilant. Some people even compare listening to heavy metal music with drinking a shot of coffee in terms of energy. Because heavy metal music makes your brain more alert, studying and learning new information, but also taking a test, might be easier for some students. 

Better Cognitive Functioning 

It may sound odd to some people, but research has shown that listening to heavy metal music does indeed improve your cognitive functioning . This is because this music genre is different from others and it puts to exercise some brain muscles that are not used so often. 

Because heavy metal music is very rhythmic, those parts of the brain responsible for tracking the beats are suddenly lightened. Which, in turn, helps students improve their focus and concentration considerably. Moreover, they boost their memory and reaction time. 

Helping them retain the information easier and apply or use it more efficiently, faster, and smarter. Of course, this usually happens if you listen to heavy metal music consistently. Playing this music genre in the background while students are taking tests might be a good thing to do. It seems that it will improve their academic performance. 

The Takeaway 

Heavy metal music has long been considered music for Satanists, which urges you to commit suicide or be aggressive towards others. However, these are just some preconceptions that sadly, are still present in our societies. But recent research has shown that heavy metal music comes with many benefits for students. Because of its typical characteristics, such as vigorous vocals, empathic rhythms, dense and distorted sounds, it can help students relieve stress and decrease their emotions of anger and frustration. 

Moreover, heavy metal music fuels them with energy in moments when they can be tired and overwhelmed. And more importantly, research has shown that listening to heavy metal music boosts your cognitive functioning, so all these results say that it might be a good idea to play heavy metal music when students are taking tests. 

However, as a teacher, you need to make sure that all students are content with this choice, especially those that prefer complete silence. But the positive effects cannot be underestimated or overlooked. 

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