Nexus Imperium - Self Titled - Reviewed At Full Metal Mayhem! Sunday October 3 2021, 5:37 PM
Nexus Imperium - Self Titled - Reviewed At Full Metal Mayhem!

Nexus Imperium - Self Titled - Reviewed At Full Metal Mayhem ! Check it out here at this link:

How did I get to know the band: Again, the Metal Devastation Radio sent me something interesting and we listen to it now. 

How do I find the record: Like almost everywhere, the first track is an instrumental and therefore rather semi-interesting. Here even less but after that it goes neatly to the point. Sometimes the vocals sound a bit like Goregrind. But in and of itself not bad, only I find the quiet passages, especially the last third of COSMIC DISTURBANCE a bit out of place. For this, the synth is used coolly. 

If I had to recommend one song, it would be the THERMAL PERFECTION linked below. SEEDS and EXPANSION can also be listened to, but they don't kick so much. The band has some interesting ideas, unfortunately too many of them are packed into one track. 

Conclusion: You can listen to it, but you don't have to. For one or the other music nerd it could be quite interesting, but I will not play the band anymore. Just because of the quite atypical for Black Metal vocals there is a worth listening to from me. But listen for yourself: Full Metal Mayhem

Release Date: June 17, 2021

FFO: Watain, Immortal, Rotting Christ

We are Nexus Imperium, an experimental, atmospheric black metal act from Athens, Greece.
The band was formed in 2005. Inspired by deep space and the unknown universe, begun to work on music based on traditional and modern black metal mixed with sci-fi vibes through synthesizers and special effects. Music that travels from Mayhem and Blut Aus Nord to Vangelis and Klaus Schulze.

Nexus Imperium's mission is to study and present the past, present and future of this vast universe we live in from when time began to which future plans may be for all lifeforms. Starting with this E.P music and lyrics narrate how it all started.

This is Nexus Imperium's very first official work. There was a demo back in 2007 composed by the only member and founder back then "Synapse" that never saw the light. Through Nexus Imperium's music one will experience the evolution of universe, space - time and humanity.

Nexus Imperium:
Synapse - Bass, Guitars, Synths
The Apostate - Vocals

Currently unsigned/independent. Released digitally June 17, 2021.
Physical copies and merchandise to come in the future.

Follow the band at these links:

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