Aporium - Self Titled - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem! Sunday October 3 2021, 3:36 PM
Aporium - Self Titled - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem!

Aporium - Self Titled - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem ! Check it out here at this link: https://lorenzvangore.wixsite.com/fullmetalmayhem/post/aporium-mit-aporium

How did I get to know the band: Again, the Metal Devastation Radio sent me something interesting and we listen to it now. 

How do I like the record: On their EP they deliver solid death metal, even if I think some bands can be heard as influences: Here a little Cannibal Corpse, there a little autopsy, elsewhere even some Dethklok. Maybe they just have to find their own style, but they also brought in their own ideas, such as the almost gameboy-like passages in IMMACULATE DESIRE.

I also like the piano in the middle of LIFE OF LIES very much and I can also recommend the song. Here we work less with growls than with a pressed, hoarse voice. Only DEATH OF THOUGH can be skipped, but since the instrumental only lasts a good minute, you can also do the Klimperklampfe. 

Conclusion: Is already something good. I'm curious how they sound when they find their style or he, since it's a solo project. Friends of the Todesbleis should listen here: - Full Metal Mayhem

Release Date: Aug 10, 2021

FFO: Carcass, Kataklysm, Rivers of Nihil

Aporium is a solo project from the mind of Nate Alicie, incorporating a unique style of metal that is reminiscent of raw and groovy old-school death metal with a new edge and voice.  Fueled from witnessing and experiencing the box of belief, control, and destruction, Aporium’s  new self titled EP, explores the mind of someone born into a system  that oppresses and imprisons, while hiding behind the façade of faith, empty promises, and  moral righteousness.

Check it out on Spotify and add it to your playlists!

Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Lyrics and Vocals, and Drum Programming by Nate Alicie. 

Follow the band at these links:

https://open.spotify.com/album/4oZTjzwkAXhXK4LmrCYpoY https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09BLDVB98/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp

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