Bulletproöf - Dynamite - reviewed By All Around Metal! Sunday November 14 2021, 1:44 PM
Bulletproöf - Dynamite - reviewed By All Around Metal!

Bulletproöf - Dynamite - reviewed By All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.allaroundmetal.com/component/content/article/26-releases/8987-un-discreto-esordio-per-gli-argentini-bulletpro%C3%B6f

Bulletproöf come from Argentina and are not to be confused with the Mexican homonyms (who make Thrash), nor with the Russian hard rockers and especially with the Italian-Slovak group Bullet-Proof which, just in this period, is releasing another album. South American Bulletproöf debuted with this EP, entitled "Dynamite", consisting of five tracks for about 20 minutes of duration, published by Ossuary Records. Their Heavy Metal is quite reminiscent of what was done in the past by our Mesmerize, made the necessary differences between the voice of the great Folco Orlandini and that of the discreet Poli Serafini, a good performer, but not equipped with an exceptional uvula. Another comparison could also be made with the most recent Running Wild (the most switched off, to understand), especially in tracks such as the opener "Banner high" and the pirate "Flag of freedom". The singing performance, as mentioned, is not spectacular, but it does not disturb at all and contributes to making listening pleasant. The rhythm is brilliant, but maybe a little more double speaker would not have hurt (on the aforementioned "Flag of freedom" objectively you could dare more), the bass works decently in the background, although perhaps a little more protagonism on the part of Martín De Bonis would certainly have benefited. The protagonist instrument are the two guitars of Serafini and Ariel García that weave walls of riffs and pleasant solo parts. All in all, we are not facing a memorable record, but not even something poor, "Dynamite" in fact deserves the sufficiency and we can rely on the obvious passion of Bulletproöf, to hope for a next record even better! - All Around Metal

Release Date: November 1st, 2021

FFO: Running Wild, Judas Priest, Accept

Stream it here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/bulletprof/dynamite

"All around, choruses rock harder than Freddie Mercury in is heyday; once the hard-driving and ever-fuelled "Dynamite" proper blows up in our adamantly grimacing faces, all bets and codpieces are off. The actual musicianship is nothing out of this World - except maybe for these wicked, fun-loving solos which take off at every knuckle-dragging turn, alongside killer main riff to " Flags of Freedom ". Beginning with a stomping, AOR reminiscent drum beat and throbbing, pulsing bass - the kind Rudy Sarzo and Bob Daisley would approve of - this winner makes kick-ass use of its utterly slack n' sleazy momentum, kind of similar to Judas Priest 's " Rock You All Around The World ", but with way more character."

"Leads occasionally feature Tony Iommi' s singularly sharpened, diabolical flair, and I'd be lying by omission not to exclaim (maybe a touch too eagerly) how much this release also brings me back to Slade 's cheesy, albeit wondrous, Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply , from 1984. " Fist Pounding " is another haymaker which suits both illegal drag-racing/911 pursuits and stalled big city traffic jams, alike. Try to dismiss its allegorically fun refrain, and let us know how that works out. Closer " Feel The Heat " starts off with a down-home, GNR ' (circa "Lies") style clean blues shuffle-slam before turning it up, combining sardonic chutzpah with mesmeric Rob Halford ian poise..." -  CHAIRTHROWER Metal Archives

“We want to thank all those who allowed us to make this dream become true. Family, friends, colleagues and the entire Heavy Metal brotherhood. Long live Rock, long live Heavy Metal, long live Bulletproöf!”

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Recorded at Barbaro Recording Studios and Martillo Estudio.



Poli Serafini: Lead vocal / Guitar
Matías Pena: Drums
Martín De Bonis: Bass guitar / Vocals
Ariel García: Lead Guitar / Vocals

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