BRICK BY BRICK: Dismal Existence - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info! Monday February 21 2022, 12:40 AM
BRICK BY BRICK: Dismal Existence - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info!

BRICK BY BRICK: Dismal Existence - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info ! Check it out here at this link:

New York hardcore band BRICK BY BRICK deliver their music with violent anger and no filter. The riffs are heavy, and the vocalist sing with a harsh voice. They are hardly the fastest hardcore band, but somewhere over mid-tempo at least. And metal riffs are nothing unusual.
According to their song titles, "Evil Remains" but they "Can't Be Broken" and live by the code "Loyalty To The Grave".
This is quite good stuff, so give it a try. - Hard Rock Info

Release Date: February 18, 2022

FFO: Smash Your Enemies, Gloves Off, These Streets

Location: New York


New York's Brick By Brick pulls no punches with their new single, Liar, Deceiver. Mike Valente bluntly describes Liar, Deceiver, "No ambiguity here, we put back-stabbers in their place".  And yes they do!  Brick By Brick lives by the Code - Honor, Loyalty and Respect and their music is a reflection of that. Liar, Deceiver appears on their upcoming full-length release, Dismal Existence, out on Upstate Records on February 18, 2022.  Dismal Existence is available on vinyl, CD and digitally on all streaming platforms through Blood Blast Distribution. 

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Born out of Troy, NY's infamous hardcore scene in 2004, but having attacked the scene seriously since 2015, BRICK BY BRICK have relentlessly cultivated their reputation as a hybrid hardcore and metal force. With influences ranging from Slayer to Agnostic Front by way of Black Sabbath and Sick Of It All. Having added Ray Mazzolla on vocals in addition to longtime members Mike Valente (Guitars), Andy Parsons (Bass), and James Muller (Drums) the band has a fresh new perspective and wicked intent.

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