How Long Does e-Juice Stay Good? Monday September 20 2021, 4:39 PM
How Long Does e-Juice Stay Good?

How Long Does e-Juice Stay Good?  

One of the most popular questions in the vaping world is; how long does e-juice stay good? Every vaper, particularly the beginners, would like to know the answer. Nobody wants to have a spoiled e-liquid.

Is there an e-juice expiry date?  

No matter how potent you think the e-juice is, it must not be exposed to extreme heat. It is a long-lasting concoction, but it does come with an expiry date. Vape liquid is a consumable product. You have to remember that all consumable products have ingredients that have a shelf life. If the e-juice does not have food-based ingredients, it won’t be considered safe for ingestion. What you must also know is that e-juice, with other perishables, has expiration dates which are estimates of when they are likely to go bad.  

Most of the e-liquids including the menthol vape juice have a shelf life of one to two years starting from the date they are manufactured. This is particularly because of its major components such as nicotine, PG or propylene glycol, and VG or vegetable glycerin. These are the big three of an e-juice and along with flavorings, they make up almost all types of e-liquids. It has been a fact that PG, VG, and nicotine have a shelf life of about two years although this depends on their getting stored in optimal conditions.  

What shortens the shelf life of e-juice?  

The golden rule is to keep the e-juice away from direct heat and sunlight. When you leave the bottle of e-juice out in the sun for too long this can degrade the ingredients found in the e-juice and spoil it. When VG is exposed to as high as 250 Fahrenheit, the ingredients are more likely to disintegrate and find it hard to re-integrate even at lower temperatures. When PG is exposed to the same conditions, this can turn out unstable and lose its original vape juice flavors .  

Any e-juice must not be exposed to air as well. The air is composed of several different chemicals, but it can cause problems with the lifespan of your e-juice. When oxygen interacts with nicotine, it results in the production of nicotine. This is known as the oxidation process, or the loss of two hydrogen atoms and the gain of one atom of oxygen. Simply put, exposure to oxygen may cause problems with the vape e-juice flavor as well as reduce the nicotine level of your vape juice. Such adverse effects may only be noticeable after long exposure.  

How do you figure out if the vape juice has become bad?  

It is already given that an e-liquid can last for one to two years, but some can last up to five years, depending on the vape flavor and brand. Each of these has a chemical structure that will affect the shelf life of a vape juice. Since expiry dates are only estimated dates, it’s still up to you to sniff out the e-juice from any vape juice Canada company. There are some signs you can look for that will tell you the e-juice is not good anymore. One of these is that the components stay separated wherein the heavier elements remain at the bottom. When shaking up the bottle a bit does not put the ingredients back together, this means the e-juice has gone bad. If you smell something funky out of your favorite e-juice bottle, chances are you need to buy a new one. If your e-liquid has been stored erroneously meaning exposed to heat or air and being not tightly sealed. Bad storage may cause a lack of flavor, nicotine, vapor, and discoloration.  

How do you extend the shelf life of your vape juice?  

You can enhance the flavor of e-juice when you store it for a prolonged period in the right conditions. This is the same as wine. And this process is called steeping. It is pretty easy to do. All you have to do is leave the e-juice on its own for a few weeks for its flavors to mature. The catch is that the e-liquid has to be stored in the appropriate conditions for this process to take effect.  

Is it fine to vape an expired e-liquid?  

You may still vape the expired e-juice, but it will not be pleasing for you. It may only disappoint you in terms of flavor and nicotine strength. If you are a seasoned vaper and you want to have a first-class experience, it’s better for you to get rid of the expired e-juice and get yourself a new one. E-liquids are not that costly, and there are hundreds of flavors for you to choose from. Get rid of the expired e-juice properly by pouring it on absorbent materials like kitty litter or used ground coffee. Make sure that they are away from the children’s reach. Don’t throw them directly into the garbage dump.  

What you should know about vape juice expiry dates?  

Distributors as well as manufacturers of e-juice don’t have regulations to follow about the expiry dates, display, and advertising of products. The time a vape juice lasts depends on the frequency of vaping, the wattage, and the temperature when you vape. At high temperatures, it is easy for you to finish vaping a 60mL bottle in only a week. Vaping at a wattage of 50 to 100 and at an average amount of vaping can use up a 30ml bottle in a week. Less wattage converts to less consumption. 

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