Beth Williams Needs Our Help Sunday September 5 2021, 5:36 PM
Beth Williams Needs Our Help

Throughout our music community, many of us know and have experienced the positive praise and kindness of   Elizabeth Williams   (Muller-Stach), either through in person relations or on Social Media. Beth is a big supporter of all we do and is simply a kind friend.
Beth is enduring the effects of a fairly aggressive   Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer   and she needs help, now!   Not next week, not next month - TODAY!   This is a rare opportunity we have to take action as a community   when we can, instead of looking back later and saying “ If there was only something we could have done to help.   We can help - right now! When it matters!
I’m not asking you to give what you can -   I’m telling you to forgo a couple drinks over the weekend and give that money to Beth and her family .   They need our help NOW!
Here’s the GoFundMe link:


Beth has remained a positive influence on so many, after the loss of her son and throughout the past 2 years dealing with a threatening cancer diagnosis. Her newly married to husband of 2 years, Markus Muller-Stach (G4LRecords), came into her life at the perfect time with a perfect love, and was handed this to help her endure. He has been thoroughly unwavering in his dedication and support, however, the escalating costs of medicine and the need to get to a larger medical facility outside of Nashville to administer the treatment she needs is big - again, as a community, we can help immediately.

I’m not asking for something in exchange for nothing. This letter is being received by close to 10,000 artists, editors, engineers, writers and photographers. If we all gave $10, that would be incredible - $20, it would greatly help offset the costs to help Beth find the help she needs and to spare her family from the crippling debt that expanded healthcare costs.

For anyone and everyone who gives something, anything, I will happily write and deliver a global press release for any project you have in the future through my PR office at While I typically offer that service at a $400/4 day price, I will do this for any project you have, and will work with you to conceive a PR plan to carry your project to the next step at zero cost.

There you have it, you get more than just a warm and fuzzy feeling for helping to save someone’s life, you get me working for you for free.

Right now, click that link, give something. Share this information on your social media, send this email to everyone you know, it’s a guarantee that a number of them also know Beth and Markus and they want to help too. Do this, time is short and we’re going to help Beth’s family to have more of that time with her.

I appreciate all of you and I cherish our community because I know the power we have to make great things happen, we do it every day - lets do this today!

Thank you,

Joe Dolan

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