Exclusive Video Premiere - BLOOD OF CHRIST - Murdering A Storyteller - CDN Records Monday January 14 2019, 7:00 PM
Exclusive Video Premiere - BLOOD OF CHRIST - Murdering A Storyteller - CDN Records

Band: Blood of Christ
Country: London, Ontario, Canada

Album: Bilateral Carnage - Split with Deformatory
Type: 7" Vinyl - Limited Edition Only - 200 Copies Available

Release Date: March 1, 2019 (Shipping Out)

Pre-Orders Available for the Limited Edition (200 Copies) 7" Vinyl Album with Blood of Christ and Deformatory:

Song title: Murdering A Storyteller

Official Lyric Video YouTube Link:

About The Song:
“Murdering A Storyteller” is a recharged reboot of a classic song from the third Blood of Christ album. This time around, however, it is taken to angrier heights and is relentless in its attack. No clean vocals: amateur hour is over!

Members (Photo Attached):
Jason Longo -| drums, cymbals & saw blade
Chris Gooding -| guttural aggression
Mark Chandler -| the bass player
Jeff Longo -| cosmic rhythms & grind chords

Recording Credits:
Recorded at Icehouse Studios, Goderich
Mixed and Mastered by Thomas Ireland
All music and lyrics composed by Blood of Christ

Artwork for the Bilateral Carnage by:
Ardha Lepa

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bloodofchristofficial
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/bloodofchrist_official

CDN Records:

Blood of Christ - Biography:
Considered by many in the mid-nineties to have been ahead of their time, Blood of Christ have been purveying their unique style of Epic Dark Metal since early 1994. Since then, these beasts have shared the road and stage with many esteemed acts from the metal genre all across Canada over the course of hundreds
of gigs.
Blood of Christ have also been fortunate to have had the help of such labels as Torture records, Pulverizer records, Diehard music, Skyscraper music and CDN records to bring their recorded works to the global metal underground. Releasing such albums as "…a Dream to Remember" (1997) and "As the Rain Gently
Falls" (2002) to favorable reception from fans and media alike.

The year 2017 sees the veteran wolves returning to the scene with a new single, "Echoes From the 7th Dimension" off of their 4th album, “Unrelenting Declivity of Anguish” with legendary Canadian death metal label CDN records. The new material sees a return to classic Epic Dark Metal form and promises to be
their most monstrous and unruly album yet. Their quest to dominate has only just begun.

About Bilateral Carnage Album:
This is a CDN Records exclusive album release that showcases two of the label's most accomplished extreme metal acts, Blood of Christ and Deformatory.
This is the first vinyl release from CDN Records, which has been in existence since 1990. Only 200 copies will be made and are expected to ship out on March 1, 2019.
Pre-Orders are available for Bilateral Carnage, the Limited Edition 7" Vinyl Album with Blood of Christ and Deformatory here:

Deformatory, a relentlessly brutal death metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, released an intense music video, shot by race drones, for the track Myiasis on December 19, 2018 via No Clean Singing. This song will appear on Bilateral Carnage, and has been lauded as displaying "dimensions beyond stunning brutality and brain-whirring technical acrobatics".

Blood of Christ, an epic dark metal band from London, Ontario, Canada, release a lyric video for a reboot of one of their classic songs, Murdering A Storyteller, and don't hold back on the brutality, both in production and delivery. The second song for their contribution to Bilateral Carnage is The Extinction Syndicate, and is an anti-trophy hunting, vicious and quick grinder in the classic blood of Christ death-grind vein.

The eye-popping and deranged album artwork was crafted by Indonesian artist, Ardha Lepa.

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