Divine Anger - Guru Of Hate E.P. - Reviewed By Obliveon! Sunday August 22 2021, 6:24 PM
Divine Anger - Guru Of Hate E.P. - Reviewed By Obliveon!

Divine Anger - Guru Of Hate E.P. - Reviewed By Obliveon ! Check it out here at this link: https://obliveon.de/review/divine-anger-guru-of-hate-ep/

DIVINE ANGER is an international metal band with a current focus of life and work in Hamburg. But that's only half the truth, because in fact the six-pack comes from another dimension and is on its way home, on which it wants and has to conquer the hearts of all metalheads with their style christened Expressive Power Metal.

On their debut EP, the group combines melody with aggression and an enormous catchiness and names Iced Earth, Helloween, Angel Dust and Nocturnal Rites as their strongest influences, but is also inspired by Melodic Death and Alternative, which is reflected in the sound and results in an unusual, not to say strange, mix.

The opener and theme song features melodic vocals, deep, wide riffing, and an oft-repeated Sepultura-like scream chorus. 'Behind The Wall' and 'D-Day' each combine almost thrashy riffing with aggressive vocals and cathy power metal choruses, which represents an enormous contrast and creates dynamics, but also seems less homogeneous and somehow restless.

The middle track 'Always Now' is the most catchy and best piece of the record and throughout a solid power metal song with a quiet beginning, chic, powerful chorus and short, gripping solo. The final 'When Angels Sleep' begins quietly according to the title, almost like a "lullaby", then increases and ends in an anthemic chorus.

Conclusion: Unusual record with a curious style mix, which can not convince me completely, but certainly a highly talented band with a lot of potential, which it has to prove in the future (and in album length).

Michael Gaspar awards 6 out of 10 points - Obliveon

Release Date: August 6, 2021

FFO: Metallica, Helloween, Iced Earth

Pre-Save link: https://show.co/VkzyvKJ

Believe it or not, Divine Anger is a metal band from another dimension. How and why this shift happened is still a riddle to all! One moment, they were playing the biggest gig of their life in Wacken – on their side. Next, they woke up here, in a reality that is home to you but alien to them. Now, the six musicians are on a journey to return home, and their first wish is to play their way into the ears and hearts of metalheads, with their expressive power metal – a style that ranges from melodic to aggressive but is always catchy as hell! Everyone has heroes, and Divine Anger’s strongest influences are metal bands like Iced Earth, Helloween, Angel Dust, and Nocturnal Rites. At the same time, all band members enjoy the impact of more aggressive metal genres. So, you will mainly hear clean vocals in their songs, but you will also often hear screams, growls, or blends from these different vocal styles, inspired by subgenres like melodic death metal or alternative metal rather than specific bands. 


Divine Anger was founded in 2015 by Barry Ross (bass) and Luke Krämer (guitars). The two school friends pushed their project passionately and formed a professional metal band in 2018. With Misaki Hayashi (synthesizers), J.J. (guitars), Damon (drums), and ART3M (vocals), Barry and Luke found irreplaceable comrades-in-arms, and today, they together form the permanent line-up of Divine Anger. The band members come from different countries and are thus an international group. As in their founding year, their life and creative activity are centered in Hamburg (Germany). Although currently completely unknown in the metal scene, Divine Anger has already built up a reputation as a serious newcomer band in their dimension. Indeed, they were just one step away from signing their first record deal, which was to happen right after their gig in Wacken. But then, things changed. On December 1, 2020 Divine Anger released their first single Behind the Wall in our dimension. A second single (Always Now) followed on February 20, 2021, and the third one (Guru of Hate) on May 7, 2021. On August 6, 2021 the band's debut EP will be unleashed on our ears. Find out more about this unusual band and it’s out-of-this-world band members here: divine-anger.com.

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