7 Awesome Metal Music Podcasts Thursday March 3 2022, 8:40 AM
7 Awesome Metal Music Podcasts

Do you like metal music? And are you a big fan of podcasts? If you said “yes” to both questions, then you’re in luck!

With podcasts being a thing these days, it’s no wonder metal music is in the world of podcasting. In fact, metal music is CELEBRATED in the podcasting community in many ways than one!

Check out these 7 awesome metal music podcasts!

  1. Decibel Geek  

“Decibel Geek brings you the best in metal music,” says Arthur Whittaker, a music blogger at Subjecto and OXEssays . “From hard rock to heavy metal, the podcast explores the greatest hits from the 1960s to today. You’ll hear from the likes of Armored Saint, Alice Cooper, and Vixen, as the podcast discusses various topics in the metal music business.”

Recent episodes of this podcast include:

  • The Best & Worst of 70's Cheap Trick
  • Alice Cooper Dada, AND
  • KISS Psycho Circus

  1. Damnation Vs.

Presented by Damnation Festival, the Damnation Vs. podcast showcases many characters and artists in the metal music industry. Damnation Festival organizer and editor Gavin McInally hosts this podcast, and he chats with fellow promoters, artists, agents, and tour managers about the amazing industry. 

McInally knows his metal music, for he has 20+ years in journalism, along with 15 years of promoting festivals. With this podcast, you can bet that you’ll get the best of metal music from McInally and pals! 

Recent episodes include:

  • Akercocke & Voices (Sam Loynes)
  • APF Records (Andrew Field), AND
  • Triple G Music (Jonathan Almond)

May Contain Metal is another great metal music podcast to listen to. This podcast brings you plenty of content, including reviews, music recommendations, and other hot topics. The podcast makes sure to bring the entertainment and excitement, as they publish weekly episodes. 

Recent episodes include: 

  • Black Dagger Monster
  • The Black Lead Nail Gun… Pushed Into Hell, AND
  • Iron Coffin

  1. Metalheads Podcast

Want more metal news? Then check out the Metalheads Podcast

From new releases to in-depth interviews, the hosts George, Jay, Will, John, Matt and Markisan will talk metal music! You’ll hear of the best musicians and producers in the business, along with hot topics surrounding the industry. It’s nostalgia meets modern on the Metalheads Podcast

Recent episodes include: 

  • Trevor Portz of Abhoria
  • We Look Forward To Your Beer, AND
  • The Top 25 Metal Albums of 2021

  1. Noise Dosage Media

Noise Dosage Media specializes in having groundbreaking discussions with metal music stars, producers, etc. You’ll get to meet some of the best people in the industry – those who specialize in anything and everything metal rock, like writing methods, self-producing, and the ins and outs of the music industry. 

Recent episodes include: 

  • Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral/Grá)
  • Chaney Crabb (Entheos), AND
  • Jon Davis (Conan)

  1. Music City Metal  

It’s all about the horns on the Music City Metal podcast!

Larry and Mary Fish from “Electric Fish Bowl” host Music City Metal in Nashville, Tennessee. This podcast is about showcasing local talent in the metal music industry. By showcasing up-and-coming metal rock bands, this podcast shows its appreciation in the culture surrounding metal music. You’ll hear from independent artists, musicians, producers, and so on! On this podcast, no stone is left unturned. 

Want to catch a live show in Nashville? The podcast will tell when and where local bands will be performing next. 

Recent episodes include:

  • All About Snakes - Of Serpents & Sydewynder
  • Battery House Electric Company Zapped in Electric Fishbowl, AND
  • James Cole IV

  1. Metal Sucks Podcast  

Finally, consider listening to some of the best content in the Metal Sucks Podcast!

“Metal Sucks has a great podcast where metal music is talked about and celebrated by millions,” says Louis Cambridge, a journalist at UKWritings and Best essay writing service . “You’ll hear from the experts and stars in metal music like Petar Spajic, Brandon Hahn and Jozalyn Sharp. The hosts will have weekly interviews with metal musician, and even discuss the latest topics in metal music.”

Recent episodes include special guests like:

  • Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein
  • The Devil Wears Prada’s Mike Hranica, AND
  • Amorphis’ Olli-Pekka Laine


So, there you have it!

If you love metal music, then you’ll love these 6 podcasts dedicated to such great music! While there are many more where this came from, these 6 podcasts are a great start to your next podcasting obsession!

Have fun listening and rock on, fellow listeners!

Madeline Miller is a writer at Student Writing Services and Essay Writing Services . She is also a blogger at Assignment Services . As a content writer, she writes articles about music and dance.

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