New Promo: SUPREME UNBEING - Everything's Unreal - (Heavy Metal) Thursday August 19 2021, 7:22 PM
New Promo: SUPREME UNBEING - Everything's Unreal - (Heavy Metal)


-PRESS RELEASE Friday 20 th August 2021-

SUPREME UNBEING is a mysterious metal band from the Realm. Led by vocalist/prophet Zac Red , with his fellow prophets D.Vine (Lead Guitar), Unknown (Bass) and Al Mytee (Drums), the 4-piece are yet to be seen other than in their animated music videos, but nonetheless have made their mark here in the physical domain with their full-length debut album “Enter Reality” (released October 2020) already surpassing +2 million streams, landing Spotify editorial playlist placements for singles “Solution” and “Dreaming” on Thrashers and New Metal Tracks

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The animated music videos for the singles "You'll Never Make It" and "Animals" both got featured 

in and now have +3 million views on YouTube. 

Notable accomplishments also include an 8/10 rating in Metal Hammer (Greece), and

 3 rd place in “Album of the Year 2020” according to the readers of Sweden Rock Magazine .

With the success of the album version of “Dreaming” the band decided to record an acoustic version, “Everything’s Unreal (Dreaming Acoustic)”, releasing today Friday 20 th August 2021 on all streaming platforms . The song dives deep into the age-old question whether your life, here in the physical plane, is just a dream dreamt from a metaphysical existence (spoiler alert: yes it is!). For those who have heard the high-energy riffs and solo of the album version, “Everything’s Unreal (Dreaming Acoustic)” offers you everything you are looking for in an acoustic version, even a refreshing acoustic solo, to make you feel warm and inspired to question if your life really isn’t but a dream. The song is also accompanied by a music video which will make you feel like you are dreaming.

SUPREME UNBEING will now retreat from the physical plane to the Realm for a short while to finalize their second album. But rest assured, the prophets of Supreme Unbeing have more surprises to be revealed before they get back with new heavy messages to the people of the earth. 

 “In the physical domain, there was a child laying in the water. His first memory, a beautiful reflection of the sunlight which passed his eyes while he lay there in the water. He closed his eyes and felt the warmth and weightlessness of the water. The boy grew old and journeyed successfully throughout this life. At the end of his life, the boy, now an old man, looked back and cherished his first memory, amongst the many other memories he had accumulated throughout his lifetime. He blinked swiftly and opened his eyes just to find himself still laying in the water as that little child...” tells Zac Red of Supreme Unbeing.

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