GIMME METAL: The Lion’s Daughter + Amenra Guest DJ Specials Announced, Withered Livestream To Air On GIMME METAL TV, Weekly Metal Chart Posted, And More! Monday July 12 2021, 5:54 PM
GIMME METAL: The Lion’s Daughter + Amenra Guest DJ Specials Announced, Withered Livestream To Air On GIMME METAL TV, Weekly Metal Chart Posted, And More!

Each week,  GIMME METAL  publishes its radio chart listing the top 40 tracks played on the station. Already the best metal discovery service online, the  GIMME METAL  chart is a powerful tool for listeners, labels, and artists for staying up to date on the best new metal released by established greats and up-and-coming underdogs, all handpicked by  GIMME ’s knowledgeable DJ roster and editorial team.
GIMME METAL Chart – July 12th, 2021:
1. Wolves In The Throne Room - “Mountain Magick”
2. Withered - “Dissolve”
3. Carcass - “Kelly's Meat Emporium”
4. King Woman - “Psychic Wound”
5. Ophidian I - “Storm Aglow”
6. Amenra - “Voor Immer”
7. Mastiff - “Endless”
8. Darkthrone - “Wake Of The Awakened”
9. Red Fang - “Arrows”
10. Duma - “Cannis”
Click  HERE   for the full Top 40 List.
This week on GIMME METAL Radio: 
The Lion’s Daughter Guest DJ Special  – For the first part of their career, The Lion’s Daughter was deeply rooted in blackened sludge metal. However, when it came time for album number three, the St. Louis trio abandoned all tradition and traversed into new territory through bold experimentations. The resulting  Future Cult  is a synth-laden metal record that could easily serve as the score to a Dario Argento film. Now, the band picks up where it left off, with  Skin Show , out on Season Of Mist, marking a new direction that cannot be labeled or defined.  GIMME METAL  welcomes the band to the DJ console. Dig in and chat live!
Metal And Coffee: The Return Of Ebonie  - Hang out and enjoy something dirty and grimey to go along with your morning cup of joe. If it sounds like it was birthed from the slow-moving swamps or dusty cold caverns, you’ll hear it on Metal And Coffee. You may even get some bonus shots of hardcore. Tune in with Ebonie and join her in the Live Chat! 
Amenra Guest DJ Special  - Amenra’s latest full-length  De Doorn,  released late last month via Relapse Records, is at once a departure and a momentous act of deliverance. Stepping outside the run of albums titled  Mass I-VI De Doorn  casts a twenty-one-year journey from the heart of Belgium’s crusading hardcore scene to world-renowned, spiritually guided innovators in an enthralling new light. Ritual, remembrance, and hard-won rebirth have always been at the heart of Amenra’s colossal, soul-purging approach. Where the  Mass..  albums have taken the form of solitary struggles whose fearless honesty has aligned itself to the most intrinsically human of chords, the dynamics of  De Doorn  are as stricken by destiny as ever, but sonically looser. Guided to a lesser extent by the band’s characteristically immense, behind-the-beat traction, it’s more lush, immersive, steeped in sonorous, cathedral-echo ambiences amplified to the point of static-infected instability and carrying passages of deeply intimate spoken-word that feel like being drawn in to the most hallowed of confidences.  GIMME METAL  welcomes guitarist Lennart Bossu for what's sure to be a monumental guest DJ visit. 
This week on GIMME METAL TV:
GIMME METAL TV  runs 24/7 giving you unlimited music videos, interviews, live performances, and other amazing clips and shows from Metal Injection as well as your favorite metal bands and artists! With Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast features, you can cast it to your TV or laptop! Tune into  GIMME METAL   TV  HERE !
Withered Live Performance  - Tortured blackened death metal outfit Withered will bring their phenomenal livestream performance from last year to  GIMME METAL TV ! Join the  GIMME METAL  community in welcoming the members to the Live Chat during this crushing set. And for even more Withered action, tune in to the replay of their recent guest DJ special at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT.
Between The Lines Vinyl Club Spotlight w/ YOB  - Did you miss Jim Santanella’s engrossing interview with YOB’s Mike Scheidt last week? Fear not as the video edition of the interview will air on  GIMME METAL TV  with Santanella typing along in the Live Chat! Come see how much fun this one was and check out the  GIMME METAL  Vinyl Club release of Yob’s critically adored  Clearing The Path To Ascend  in a  GIMME METAL  exclusive variant at  THIS LOCATION .  
Upcoming on GIMME METAL Radio
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7/21 Memoriam
7/22 Crypta
7/23 Tee Pee Records Label Special
7/27 Ophidian I
7/28 Ingested
7/29 Wizardthrone
7/30 No Clean Singing Site Special
8/02 Gost
8/03 King Fowley
8/10 Trial
8/14 High Tone Son Of A Bitch
8/17 Possessed
8/18 Hooded Menace
8/20 Wolves In The Throne Room
8/21 Full Terror Assault Festival Preview
8/24 King Woman
8/27 Wormwitch
9/17 A Pale Horse Named Death
9/22 Wraith
9/24 Cannabis Corpse
10/01 Ghost Cult
10/13 Exhumed Tour Preview on Malpractice 
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