Rockshots Records: Prog Power Ultimatium Shares Single "Vengeance" Off New Album Out Nov 27th Tuesday November 24 2020, 12:17 PM
Rockshots Records: Prog Power Ultimatium Shares Single "Vengeance" Off New Album Out Nov 27th

Finland power proggers Ultimatium will be releasing their epic theme album "Virtuality" on Friday, November 27th via Rockshots Records.

Before it officially drops later this week, the band is sharing their latest video for their single "Vengeance".

Ultimatium's mastermind Matti Pulkkinen explains the track:

"This is the opening song of our new prog power theme album "Virtuality". The song features guest vocals from Emily Leone from Lost In Grey and our vocalist Tomi Viiltola along with drummer Matti Auerkallio who plays the role of the villain in the story. The song is fast with power metal themes and goes to more progressive stuff in the mid part. There's also a blast beat for the first time in an Ultimatium track! Lyrics guide listeners to the story and give important clues of the things to come"

Watch "Vengeance" on Rockshots Records YouTube channel HERE .

Packed with five amazing lead vocalists, Peter James Goodman (Conquest, ex-Virtuocity), Jukka Nummi (ex-Myon), Emily Leone, Tomi Viiltola (ex-Dreamtale, Perpetual Rage, Viilto) and Matti Auerkallio (Katra, Manzana, SoulFallen), "Virtuality" is a unique storyline about the virtual world, and the dangers of sharing everything in social media, along with up-tempo power metal songs combined with darker elements.

"Virtuality" is set to be released on November 27.
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Previous Singles:
"The Seer" - YouTube (Music Video), Spotify  
"Rune Like The Wind" - YouTube (Music Video)

Track Listing:
1. Vengeance (4:11)
2. Run Like The Wind (3:43)
3. Hall of Heroes (3:07) (instrumental)
4. Mindcaptives (11:49)
5. The Seer (4:51)
6. Dark Cold Day (5:37)
7. Remorse (4:53)
8. (Don’t) Fear The Silence (4:50)
9. Digital Tower (8:21)
10. Ghost of Yesterday (5:07)
11. Scream (4:55)
12. Together (9:19

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