Aeon Of Eternal – The Wanderer - Reviewed By Zwaremetalen! Saturday June 5 2021, 10:34 PM
Aeon Of Eternal – The Wanderer - Reviewed By Zwaremetalen!

Aeon Of Eternal – The Wanderer - Reviewed By Zwaremetalen ! Check it out here at this link:

I went out of my way to create a nice frame for Aeon Of Eternal but I can't get it right. Apparently, it is also difficult to give a good definition of the style that this project actually occupies. Melodic death doom, melodic black metal, atmospheric black is what's above the accompanying writing and that's right, but it doesn't cover the entire load.

Aeon Of Eternal is a one-man project from Poland, set up by someone who calls himself Aeon. Started in 2020, after which everything was recorded last winter for the debut album The Wanderer,released on 23April. Aeon does almost everything himself: composing, playing instruments, singing, recording, mixing and mastering. However, he has received some help in certain areas such as female vocals, clean vocals and some guitar solos.

What always strikes me is that multi-instrumentalists often have little or no master of drumming and fall back on programming the drum sound. Also on this album the drums come from the computer and that is in many cases a pity because with that you get the human factor from the drumming and therefore also a piece of emotion. This is despite Aeon's fact that his inspiration comes from all corners of metal to enable him to express feelings through music with Aeon Of Eternal. If you are helped musically in other areas, let the drums be played by a person of flesh and blood. But maybe he lacked the resources for this.

Like I said, the music is hard to classify. Previously described styles are definitely in there but that's not all. Blackened death is also a genre that I want to give because I hear this in every song. Atmospheric, avant-garde and slightly progressive are also discussed and thrash, doom, gothic and shoegaze also seep through the music. Fans of Alcest, Draconian, Dissection and Trees Of Eternity are alerted in the promotion, but I also hear similarities with Myrkur and The Sins Of Thy Beloved.

Is that bad for the music? Oh, no, definitely not. on the contrary. With the necessary imagination you will be taken through forests and over plains shrouded in darkness and fog. When dawn finally arrives and the fog clears, you will discover that you are wandering through nature all by yourself. Clouds float over and suddenly you reach a plain of ice. The air is closing and the storm is erupting.

Daruuraha and Deigh are highlights of the album for me. Daruuraha has nice variations with a gothic, doom and avant-garde black metal style. Even an oriental chant passes by in this song.

Deigh is best compared to a song by Myrkurat the time of heralbum M. Atmospheric black metal with folk influences.
It took me a lot of listening to understand it all a little bit, something that always fascinates me in music. The titles of the songs are also a mystery. A quick search teaches me that they are all words from different languages. Niwl is Welsh for fog and Sumu means the same in Finnish (fog). Koit is Estonian for dawn, Daruuraha is Somali for clouds, Deigh is (former) Irish for ice cream, Torden is Norwegian for thunder and the closing Veda is Turkish for goodbye.

Because the drums are unfortunately programmed, the score is slightly lower, but still very high. I think it's a fine piece of work by this Aeon. I am looking forward to his next album. - Zwaremetalen

Aeon of Eternal — The Wanderer
Release date: 23.04.2021
Genre: (Melodic Death Doom, Melodic Black Metal, Atmospheric Black)

For fans of: Alcest, Draconian, Dissection, Imperium Dekadenz, Ava Inferi, Trees of Eternity

Aeon of Eternal is a project formed by Aeon in 2020. 
'The Wanderer' is the debut album released in April 2021.

It combines nostalgic atmosphere and fury together. Aeon is taking inspirations from multiple genres: melodic black metal, blackened death, doom and even gothic or shoegaze. 
Aeon of Eternal project is formed to be able to express emotions through music. 

Album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Aeon during winter 2020-2021. 

Aeon - acoustic & electric guitars, bass, synth/keys and drums programming

Album guests: 
Soulpacifica - female vocals & choirs 
César Moreira - male vocals 
Tomasz Radzyński - additional solo guitars

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