NETHERBLADE: Italian thrashers premiere new single "Nothing is Real" Saturday October 3 2020, 7:14 PM
NETHERBLADE: Italian thrashers premiere new single "Nothing is Real"

Italian thrashers   NETHERBLADE   are back with their first full-length album,   "Reborn" . Showcasing a ruthless attack of pure thrash metal in its most intense and catchy form,   "Reborn"   will be released on   October 16th 2020   through   Dark Hammer Legion/Volcano Records .
Today, the band is premiering the new single   "Nothing is Real" . Watch the video   AT THIS LOCATION .

Having channelled their primal instincts with simple yet effective fare on a couple of singles and an EP in four years, the band on their debut album sound straightforward while occasionally offering some acutely atmospheric and almost progressive moments, bearing comparisons with Exodus, Death Angel, Artillery and even old Machine Head.

01. Overture
02. Eyes of the World
03. Reborn
04. From the Abyss
05. 'till the End
06. Braindamage
07. Killing Spree
08. Wasted Generation
09. Netherblade
10. Nothing is Real

  was born from the ashes of Milan's metal band   Blindeath   in 2016. Shortly after the first rehearsals,   Dan ,   Luca   and   Simone   hired   Riccardo Bona   as second guitarist and   Andrea Ledda   for the frontman position.
Towards the end of 2016 the band signed to   ETN Records   and released their debut single,   "Thieves' Den" , only in digital format on all major platforms and stores. In support of the single, the group also released an official videoclip in order to make more waves in the underground circuit.
In 2017   NETHERBLADE   signed to   Vomit Arcanus Prod.   and started working on their first EP,   "Annihilation of Self" , which was released in 2018. To support the EP, the band launched two singles in lyric video and official videoclip formats on YouTube, while the whole EP was being released in digital format on all the usual platforms.
In 2019   Riccardo   left the band and was promptly replaced by   Davide : with this lineup, the band entered the studio and started recording the debut album, entitled   "Reborn" , at the beginning of 2019. The record will be release and distributed via   Dark Hammer Legion   and   Volcano Records .

Danilo Sunna - Drums
Simone Aiello - Guitar
Davide Zacco - Guitar
Andrea Ledda - Vocals
Fabio Vanotti - Bass
*Luca Frisenna - Bass on the album

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