Slow Burning Car - "Projection" - Reviewed By World Of Metal! Sunday May 30 2021, 12:49 PM
Slow Burning Car - "Projection" - Reviewed By World Of Metal!

Slow Burning Car - "Projection" - Reviewed By World Of Metal ! Check it out here at this link:

Initially this was a job that did not aroused great attention on my part. The description that it was alternative rock with space core (?) also did not help to be predisposed to a good time. These good moments are really within reach of those who like good rock, not always showy, but with the heart in the right place. Sober q.b., good vocal melodies and good themes... if we lower expectations, there's no way to sound good. And we will even be surprised by some themes that skim the psychedelicism. - 7/10 - World Of Metal

Slow Burning Car return with their audio hybrid of Alternative Metal/Space Core rock they have refined over the past 15 years. ' Projection' , the fifth album from this Los Angeles based act, features a diverse mix of sounds and audio exploration in instrumentation and language (particularly the track Meraki featuring lyrics and singing in the Greek language). Slow Burning Car wear their influences on their sleeve with this release ( Queens Of The Stone Age , and Swervedriver among others come to mind). A collection of tracks certain to leave the listener engaged, absorbed, and inspired.


Slow Burning Car is a rock band based out of Los Angeles featuring Troy Spiropoulos (Lead Vocals/Bass), Adam Idell (Drums/Backing Vocals), Steve Ornest (Lead and Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocal), Krista Ray (Backing and Lead Vocal), Tommy Marcel (guitar/backing vocals), and Aaron Kusterer (guitar). The band has self released four albums (Blowback 2007, Vol. 2-The Scattering 2009, Assumption 2013, Defection 2017), toured nationally and internationally (U.K.), received airplay (terrestrial/internet), received press (print/online), and have licensed music for the film “Crash Artist” (Cinebyte Productions 2008).


Troy Spiropoulos - Bass Lead/Backing Vocals

Tommy Marcel - Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Adam Idell - Drums
Krista Ray - Lead/Backing Vocals

Aaron Kusterer - Lead/Rhythm Guitar


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