From The Abyss - Chaos Supremacy - Reviewed By Neckbreaker! Tuesday May 18 2021, 8:26 PM
From The Abyss - Chaos Supremacy - Reviewed By Neckbreaker!

From The Abyss - Chaos Supremacy - Reviewed By Neckbreaker ! Check it out here at this link:

When you hear the words Cuba and music, you probably think first of all of Buena Vista Social Club, but also of Salsa, Son and some others. Rather rarely, however, one will think of metal. Cuba has a metal scene, although it is not comparable to most other countries. But I am still annoyed that five years ago in Cuba I did not manage to visit the metal club in Havana. I would have liked to have seen.

Somehow, the harder, darker styles also seem to prevail in Cuban metal. There are several black metal bands, FROM THE ABYSS play Death Metal – I've never heard of a Cuban power metal band. Which, of course, does not mean that they do not exist. But back to FROM THE ABYSS: The band from Havana was founded in 2015 and is now releasing their second album "Chaos Supremacy". Not a bad performance in a country where instruments are often unaffordable and studio stays are just as priceless.

And for that this album has become a decent board. The "Chaos Supremacy" drags itself away in a mid-tempo and is often reminiscent of bands like MORBID ANGEL or BLOODBATH. The band shows that the comparison with the latter is no coincidence with the last song of the album, the BLOODBATH cover "Mock The Cross", in which the band sounds really angry. Unfortunately, you can't give the song a note of your own.

Otherwise, this is fine death, but for me personally in the long run a little too monotonous and boring. The only exception is in the middle of the album: "Grim Dawn" attracts the tempo and develops into an absolute earworm to which one simply MUST be bang. For me, clearly the best song of the album. It's a pity that the whole album isn't so varied.

But if you are on mucke of the brand MORBID ANGEL/BLOODBATH, you should enjoy this album much more than me. Because purely objectively it has become a pretty good album. And for such slightly exotic metal I am always to have. - Anne - Neckbreaker

From The Abyss
Country: Cuba
Album Title: Chaos Supremacy
Format: Audio CD
Date of Release: 30/04/21
Label: Vrykoblast Production

The band From The Abyss was formed in 2015, in Havana, Cuba, with the intention of making a heavy and solid sound, along the lines of the old school of death metal. The group has been working on the promotion of the new album Chaos Supremacy, which will be released in April by Vrykoblast Productions. The album cover is courtesy of Alex (Stench Art), illustrated and colored by Azmi Aztragartorgth, and the inner design of the booklet is signed by Nyoman Sastrawan of Sadistic Records. "Chaos Supremacy" is the band's second album and will be released on April 30, 2021, in CD format, via Vrykoblast Productions, and will feature 10 tracks, in addition to a cover by the Swedish death metal band Bloodbath.

FFO: Morbid Angel, Incantation, Bloodbath


Founded 2015

from abyss.png

Band Lineup:

Ariel Bustamante (Drums)

Lazaro Rabelo (Bass)

Jorge Garcia (vox & Guitars)

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