Stream this new track from Khemmis "Empty Throne" Sunday June 11 2017, 8:47 PM
Stream this new track from Khemmis "Empty Throne"

Satan bless the cats at Decibel Magazine for convincing amazing bands to record one-offs for the world’s enjoyment for several years running as part of their Flexi Series. So, even though, Khemmis released their most excellent sophomore album Hunted a solid seven months ago, a brand new song has now landed online for your enjoyment. Decibel subscribers get that sweet flexi disc copy, too.

“Empty Throne” offers all of exactly what we’ve come to expect from this supremely talented Denver act: big, fuzzed off rocks, a deliberate, plodding pace, haunting vocals and, most importantly, soaring, twin-lead guitars. The tl;dr version, in case you somehow haven’t listened to Khemmis yet: Judas Priest meets doom metal. Via MetalSucks

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