Okrütnik - Legion Antychrysta - Reviewed By Obliveon! Friday April 30 2021, 1:01 PM
Okrütnik - Legion Antychrysta - Reviewed By Obliveon!

Okrütnik - Legion Antychrysta - Reviewed By Obliveon ! Check it out here at this link: https://obliveon.de/review/okruetnik-legion-antychrysta/

I know next to nothing about the volume OKRÜTNIK, which I have here, but the fact that the four-piece troupe comes from Poland and sends their first disc over the long distance into the race with the "Legion Antychrysta" now available to me.

With the title of the Silverling, everyone can actually think in which musical direction OKRÜTNIK tends. Right, Black Metal is of course a focal point of the Mucke, but reducing it alone is not correct. Because at just the same proportions of the overall sound I can still take traditional heavy metal and speed/thrash metal and name it.

The Poles manage to merge this into a rather homogeneous disc, in which especially tracks like the fat-balling opener 'Sabat', the 'Guslarz' underlaid by a cool, driving riffing and the 'Noc Galicyjska', which departs powerfully after a hymn-like entry, stand out. It is easy to note that OKRÜTNIK communicate in their local language, which gives the Mucke an extra dose of coolness. The semi-balladesque 'Portret Trumienny, A Na Grobach Kwiaty', however, doesn't really open up to me and acts like a foreign body in the course of the disc.

All in all, however, a decent debut on which to build.

Ludwig Lücker awards 7 out of 10 points - Obliveon

Okrütnik was formed in May 2018 in Kotlin, Poland, and instantly became a sensation of the local underground scene, due to their intriguing blend of oldschool heavy metal with 1st wave black metal influences.

In 2019 they played a nationwide tour alongside legendary Turbo.

Current line-up:
Michał Dryjański (vocal), Eryk Kula (guitars), Szymon Garbarczyk (bass), Grzegorz Drygas (drums).  

Released November 2, 2020

Track list:

1. Sabat

2. Legion Antychrysta

3. Guślarz

4. Lament Księcia Czarnej Magii

5. Portret Trumienny, a Na Grobach Kwiaty

6. Noc Galicyjska

7. Czarcie Łoże

8. Wrześniowe Popołudnie Rzeźnika '52

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