Doomed & Stoned In Texas by Doomed & Stoned Monday November 6 2017, 7:12 PM
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Doomed & Stoned In Texas by Doomed & Stoned


A compilation for hurricane Harvey relief, with proceeds going to Houston Food Bank (

suggested donation: $10

Texas, a word that conjures up a vast host of images as diverse as the landscapes and cultures that span this sprawling state. From deserts to coastal waters, mountains to swamps, rural country towns to mega-metropolitan cities, Texas is a land and state like no other. Riding along the ripples of time is a soundscape that leaves a unique imprint on the bands from this grand state. There's a saying that everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the heavy music crafted here!

Recently the gulf coast region of Texas was decimated by the massive destructive force of Hurricane Harvey and inundated by a 1,000 year flood event that it brought reeking havoc on the lives of all in its path. The people of Texas from all walks of life have rallied to each other's aid to surmount this devastation and rebuild our communities and lives.

In response to these efforts, Doomed & Stoned has set forth to gather a diverse compilation of Texas heaviness spanning many styles & genres to share with the world and to help those effected... more
released November 5, 2017

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