Ornimental - "Red, White, ...And Wrath" - Reviewed By My Revelations! Monday April 5 2021, 9:21 PM
Ornimental - "Red, White, ...And Wrath" - Reviewed By My Revelations!

Ornimental - "Red, White, ...And Wrath" - Reviewed By My Revelations ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.myrevelations.de/2021/04/05/ornimental-red-white-and-wrath/

With “Red, White,… And Wrath”, the four young warriors from ORNIMENTAL sound out the technical possibilities of the compact disc medium, in order to fill you with over 70 minutes of their music. On top of that, they should be suitable for fans of METALLICA, PANTERA and VAN HALEN. And for everyone who loves beer, currywurst and french fries. Or so.

The band from Miami achieved the maximum running time through a kind of radio play that is embedded in the album. You already know from one or the other concept album, but unfortunately I have to say that this slows down the flow of hearing. It doesn't look like it was all of a piece, but rather over-ambitious. And that actually goes very well with the music. Even if you don't bother, you can hear that a band of excellent instrumentalists has found themselves here, but unfortunately the craftsmanship and quality of the songwriting are not at eye level. Incidentally, the FFO statement was not even misleading. ORNIMENTAL simply sit down with taste between all the chairs. Sometimes it even works well, but the bottom line is unfortunately only average. Almost wasteful considering the potential of the band.  - 7/15 - My Revelations

Miami 's premier Hard Rock / Metal band. Ornimental has shared the stage with some of the biggest acts in Hard Rock , and Metal such as Children of Bodom , Death Angel , TYR ,   Overkill , Sid of Slipknot , Nonpoint , Butcher Babies , OTEP , Jeff Scott Soto of Yngwie Malmsteen , Eye Empire , and many more.​

On behalf of the band, Danny Perry (Lead Singer/Lead Guitarist) had the opportunity to perform with the world famous " Miami-Dade Film Orchestra " which won not one, but two Emmy Awards for their now famous " VGC " or " Video Game Concert " which has gone viral multiple times on social media for their " Naruto Medley ". Also, Danny's incredible performance on their adaptation of the " Halo Theme " which showcased his well know guitar skills.​

In just the first record, Ornimental 's first single " Encage " has become a favorite, and has been streamed on YouTube over a quarter million times. Just recently, Ornimental released their second single " Love Thy Enemy " to promote the highly fan anticipated follow up record " Red, White, ...and Wrath ", and was played on the radio in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. 

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Check them out doing a ripping cover of Metallica's Seek And Destroy!

With a band that's toured, been interviewed on online magazines,  and consistently professional, Ornimental will no doubt be a house hold name in the near future. 

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"These guys are phenomenal"

Terry Knight, M.M.TV

“Allbiz Entertainment selects Ornimental's " PowerNerve" for a Showcase.”

Jeff Becker, Allbiz Entertainment

“Head pounding Metal, these guys are great!”

Jean Paul, Metal Messiah Radio

“They'll make it!”

Bruce Knight, Miami Music TV

“Great original sounds, young very talented musicians. The songs have punch and melody, I just couldn't stop moving”

Diana Nelson, Drumtastic Magazine

"Being a heavy supporter of local music, I am still baffled how this band has flown under my radar for so long. Well, this was my virgin foray into what Ornimental had to offer and found myself absolutely mesmerized. Their sound is very heavy at times with times of clean atmosphere, providing the listener with a tasteful and flowing direction of music and lyrical intent. The set included “ Escape With Me ”, “ Black Sabbath ”, “ Encage ” and “ Love Thy Enemy ” which accurately showcases the outright talent of individual players and how well they play together. The accurate and speedy feet of the drummer Julio Garcia along with the chorded and/or slap style bass lines of Sully provide a strong foundation for the impossibly complex guitar work and semi-clean and clean vocals of Ariel and Danny to navigate. In the middle of the show, Danny Perry even took five minutes to “noodle” on his axe. Noodle? Whatever… This man is a monster! A polished, five minute solo interspersed with Van Halen and Dime is “noodling” most guitarists would aspire to play within any song on stage. That being said, all members have great stage presence and administer bone crushing music that engages and entertains as well, if not better than any band I have seen. Ornimental being one of the two bands I had not had the pleasure of hearing before, definitely gained at least one big fan very quickly! Super freaking band!" - Odyssey, Metal Nexus

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