Incursion - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday April 3 2021, 10:48 AM
Incursion - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

The band 'Incursion' joins us on the show to talk about the new E.P. "The Hunter" We talk about the recording process, the story behind the artwork, the bands history since the 80's and much much more! We take questions from our live audience and play new music from Incursion as well as new releases from SpellForger, Dixie Goat, Internal Organs External, BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT, From The Abyss, ESOCTRILIHUM, EWIG FROST, Grave Miasma, Inception Of Eternity, ETERNAL CHAMPION, Smoulder, Possessed Steel, Skeleton Cru, Thraximundar, Wode, Ancient Unknown, Minneriket, Renegade Angel, Steel Bearing Hand, Ligature Marks, Plaguewielder, Pressure, and The Word66! We also play some classics by request from Iron Maiden, Aboleth, and ZEAL & ARDOR!

Track List:

1 - Upholders of Evil/Lord of Possession/Metal Crusaders - SpellForger
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Paint The Sky With Blood - BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT
4 - There's No Light Without Darkness - Dixie Goat
5 - S.S.M. (Slam Saved Me) - Internal Organs External
6 - My Doom - From The Abyss
7 - Baahl Duthr - ESOCTRILIHUM
8 - Devil is Fine - ZEAL & ARDOR
9 - New Cold War - EWIG FROST
10 - Ancestral Waters - Grave Miasma
11 - Incursion - Interview featuring Prologue and Warrior Of Destruction/Guiding Faith/Fade To Black
12 - The Cradle of Darkness - Inception Of Eternity
13 - A Face in the Glare/Ravening Iron - ETERNAL CHAMPION
14 - Warrior Witch Of Hell - Smoulder
15 - Spelllblade/Free at Last - Possessed Steel
16 - Leather Master - Skeleton Cru
17 - Running Free - Iron Maiden
18 - Slave State - Thraximundar
19 - Sulphuric Glow - Wode
20 - No Good - Aboleth
21 - Cyclones - Ancient Unknown
22 - Hjemlengsel - Minneriket
23 - Forevermore - Renegade Angel
24 - Til Death and Beyond - Steel Bearing Hand
25 - The Burial - Ligature Marks
26 - Black Mysticism - Plaguewielder
27 - WHAT YOU SEE (IS WHAT YOU GET) - Pressure
28 - Spirit in the sky - The Word66

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Incursion has burst onto the traditional Heavy Metal scene. The band has released their debut six-song EP – The Hunter. Incursion consists of original members Maxx Havick and Michael Lashinsky on guitars with Buddy Norris on drums. The lineup is completed by Stone Jamess on bass and Steve Samson on lead vocals

The Hunter is a concept EP. The Hunter – born in a war-torn land and destined to fight for survival since birth – faced all adversaries, man and beast alike. He mastered his inner demons through faith, battle and revenge. The Hunter’s blade led him through chaos to his final struggle with the false king. In his quest to become the King of All the Land, The Hunter’s journey is ageless, but almost forgotten.

The Hunter EP was recorded at Alpaca Ranch Recording by Chris Short (Alestorm). It was mixed by Jorg Uken at Soundlodge Studios (Anvil, Savage Blood, Powergame). The Artwork was created by famed artist Phil Lawvere (Celtic Frost, Kreator, Hirax).

Released May 29, 2020

Steve Samson - Vocals
Maxx Havick - Guitars
Michael Lashinsky - Guitars
Stone Jamess - Bass
Buddy Norris - Drums

Produced by Incursion.
Recorded at Alpaca Ranch Studios.
Additional recordings at Samson Pro Studios and Daylight Studios.
Mixed by Jorg Uken at Soundlodge Recording Studio.
Mastered by Jorg Uken.
Engineered by Chris Short.
Cover Illustration by Philip Lawvere.

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