Institution D.O.L. The Thelema Tales Edged Circle Release: 25 June 2021 Sunday April 25 2021, 6:55 PM
Institution D.O.L. The Thelema Tales Edged Circle Release: 25 June 2021

EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present INSTITUTION D.O.L.'s The Thelema Tales on vinyl LP format.

For a quarter century now, the Austrian power electronics/industrial monolith known as INSTITUTION D.O.L. has made a significant name for itself in those scenes with works that plumb the depths of horror - and, as with his latest The Thelema Tales, quietude. Here, mainman Barbie B. is accompanied by pianist Wolfgang J. Eder, and the results are utterly blanching in their hushed, haunting power.

On the trails of the Great Beast, Edward Alexander Crowley (aka Aleister Crowley), The Thelema Tales is a thematically in-depth audio document from a pilgrimage to Sicily in 2015 that Barbie B. did with his partner Meta Dolor. Here, INSTITUTION D.O.L. explores the mythos and mysticism of the man with six spacious tracks where smooth piano lines meet field recordings, from the Abbey and La Rocca, and electronica meets dark ambient. Four years of intense and devoted work has culminated and manifested into The Thelema Tales, which was originally released in a limited-edition CD version and now finally seeing worldwide release on vinyl courtesy of EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS.

With form meeting content, trainspotters will note the Thelemic significance of the release date: 25 - 06 - 2021 = summary 18 = 6 + 6 + 6.

While seemingly a wild card for the label, EDGED CIRCLE seeks darkness in all its myriad forms. And you'll no doubt find it, in hauntingly quiet form, with INSTITUTION D.O.L.'s The Thelema Tales. Highly recommended for those into both Harold Budd and Brighter Death Now, Tim Story and Theologian, and of course the most magickal works of Psychic TV and Current 93!

In this spirit: do what thou wilt and hail to thee Great Beast 666!


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