Zac Crye - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday March 20 2021, 1:29 PM
Zac Crye - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Zac Crye joins us on The Zach Moonshine Show to talk about the latest release 'All the Same'. A solo project in the truest sense of the word, with each instrument being performed by Zac Crye, Guitarist/Vocalists for Phoenix, AZ Stoner Rockers Hudu Akil. We play some new music from the release as well as new releases from Reaper (Sweden), Detritivor, Misanthropik Torment, Abakas, Brundarkh, NIGHTFALL, Necropanther, Conspiracy of Silence, Cynik Scald, Pentesilea Road, Conan, GOLIATH, Ornimental, Jason Graves, Fabian Jack, Gods of Space, Machinist!, Secret Rule, Astringency, Acid Alice, AUTARKH, Sepsiss, Lunar Shadow, LEGENDRY, Tony Otteson, VREID (Radio Single), Utopia Press, STORMRULER, Storm Siege, Secret Rule, and Screamking! We also play a couple classics by request from Ugly Kid Joe.

Track List:

1 - Intro/Dogs of The Crumbled Firmament/The Sweetness of The Wound - Reaper (Sweden)
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - MORBID SANITY - Detritivor
4 - ZERO-FUCKS - Misanthropik Torment
5 - Dirt - Abakas
6 - Wraith Dominion - Brundarkh
7 - Witches - NIGHTFALL
8 - Abyssal Plains Master - Necropanther
9 - Zac Crye - Interview Featuring All the Same/Look Out Above/Roach Weeds
10 - a life called zero - Conspiracy of Silence
11 - Darkness And Light - Cynik Scald
12 - Give Them Space - Pentesilea Road
13 - Battle in the Swamp/Thunderhoof/Foehammer (Live at Freak Valley) - Conan
14 - Under The Glass - GOLIATH
15 - Cat's In The Cradle (Harry Chapin Cover)/So Damn Cool - Ugly Kid Joe
16 - Mortality - Ornimental
17 - Adagio - November's Doom / Jason Graves Vocal Cover
18 - Animal - Fabian Jack
19 - Falling Sky - Gods of Space
20 - Bask In The White Light - Machinist!
21 - Black Swan - Secret Rule
22 - Steps to My Infinity - Of Vacant Planes - 2020 - Astringency
23 - Wolf - Acid Alice
24 - Introspectrum - AUTARKH
25 - You Already Know - Sepsiss
26 - I Will Lose You - Lunar Shadow
27 - Attack of the Necromancer - LEGENDRY
28 - Unexpected - Tony Otteson
29 - The Morning Red - VREID (Radio Single)
30 - Devils’ Got My Number - Utopia Press
31 - Reign Of The Winged Duke - STORMRULER
32 - Satanas Sum - Storm Siege
33 - Black swan - Secret Rule
34 - REIGN OF HELLFIRE - Screamking

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Hudu Akil's Zac Crye streams "Look Out Above"  lyric video via Outlaws Of The Sun. Video can be viewed here:

"This ain’t no obsession, this is possession of my soul.” A blatant warning from the track “Possession,” off of Zac Crye’s debut, 2013 ep, “Three Finger Lid”. 

Now Zac is back, dropping his sophomore release on April 16th, "All The Same" - a five track stoner rock EP with psychedelic elements to accent. Solely composed and recorded by Zac, this recording is a full demonstration of his musical fortitude and songwriting prowess that takes you deep within the realm of Zac Crye! The album will be released on Bandcamp April 9th and all other platforms on April 16th.
Pre-order available here:

Zac adds - "I've been making songs this way in my home-studio for years, and this is the first time that I've taken the process into a legit studio. I had such a good time making the album, I'm already in the studio recording the follow-up EP."

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