Stream Premiere: Nuclear Winter - Corridor of Shells (Melodeath) Friday November 20 2020, 12:00 AM
Stream Premiere: Nuclear Winter - Corridor of Shells (Melodeath)

One-man Zimbabwean melodeath project Nuclear Winter is excited to share the new single "Corridor of Shells."   Fresh off his July 2020 EP Stormscapes, mastermind Gary Stautmeister says, "I'm pleased to release this song which comes from a new album I'm working on. This song is about the aftermath of a battle and uses the Japanese idea that retreating/surrendering brings shame to their country."

Nuclear Winter's cover of "What Is Love" was featured on MetalSucks this April, gaining this underdog project international notoriety.   Stormscapes garnered positive attention as well; as Distorted Sound put it, "This is a very powerful release and indicates a bright future for Nuclear Winter."  The upcoming single is sure to continue Nuclear Winter's forward march!

"Corridor of Shells" will be available on November 23rd  

Preorder here:  

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